Iran scientist: CIA offered me $50 million to lie

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aaronman, Jul 16, 2010.

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    Somebody set us up the bomb

  2. mmm interesting.

    I'm not sure what I think, I don't know what to vote for.
  3. Yea I haven't voted yet either... but I'm leaning towards CIA/Mossad kidnapping right now.

    Apparently there was no entry stamp or visa in his passport...
  4. It wouldnt be the first time so I wouldnt doubt it. Maybe if he is found dead soon we will know.
  5. I voted based on the CIA's track record in the middle east
  6. I smell...(sniff, sniff)...a double agent.

    Nothing like a story about how to get rich without really crying.

    Makes you feel good about your tax dollars, knowing the CIA can get this kind of results.:rolleyes:

    I think he was traded back to Iran, in exchange for two mullahs and Osama Bin Laden's disconnected phone number.

    Free agency is a bitch.

    Here's a fun little ditty...

    "Tehran to Tucson to Tehran to Tucson to Tehran to Tucson...what ya gonna say?
    Are you with the revolution or the CIA?
    Do you know the super secrets or are you just gay?
    Watch the little bastard as he may just slip away
    He's with Ahmadinejad, not with O-bomb-eh?
    Tehran to Tucson, to Tucson to Tehran, to Tehran to Tucson...what ya gonna say?
    They do run-run, Oh, they do run-run"

    I'd vote, but it would not matter, anymore than democracy matters to secret governments anywhere, no matter which side of the ocean they're on.
  7. guy writing article is likely lying

  8. +1, This
  9. wait why were we paying him for info? torture seems so much more cost-effective
  10. Lying about what? :confused:
  11. Torture isnt cost effective at all. Bet that you get told something everytime you torture someone and ill also bet that 90% of the time its false information. Theres guys at one of the mayo clinics who with the right narcotics and opioids claim they can get anyone to tell the truth. IDK why we dont just send terrorists to those guys.

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