Iran putting the cash gift from obama well....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jman42028, Aug 16, 2017.

  1. Time to Nuke the little pipsqueak's and show the world were not playing games anymore.
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  2. I'm Pro Trump!, but I strongly disagree with aggression with Iran. Iran does not pose a threat to the USA. The Israeli have been using the USA as it's proxy to fight in the Middle East through their NECONS pals. If you're a patriot you would understand George Washington Farewell address where he warns the US to stay out of foreign affairs.

    I love this great nation, but hate some if it's past policy makers.

    Here's a brief history of Iran and USA relationship.

  3. What's this got to do with Obama? I'm sure the Iranians are just firing a warning shot across Trump's bow here.
    Are you looking for more sanctions or war with Iran or what?
  4. Due to Iran's terrain, it would be one of the most challenging places in the world to fight. It would make Afghanistan look like child's play. This is a fight no one but Israel wants.
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  5. Yeah, great idea.
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