Iran Executes Cia, Mossad Spies

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  1. \tIran executes CIA, Mossad spies
    Death by hanging. Iran is old school and I wonder if they hung those men in a public square somewhere for all to watch? Iran is backwards like that. Whatever the case may be, if you're gonna spy on Iran for the West/Israel you better be getting paid big bucks because if and when they catch you there's no life in prison, you just die, and there's nothing your employers will do for you.

    Iran is always on the look out for CIA/Mossad spies because they are always spying on them.

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    There is no big difference between being strapped to a table and facing a lethal injection and facing the hangman.  Both punishments bring the same result.
    The Iranians have some justification in treating spies so severely considering the threats they face...
  3. There's a big difference between lethal injection and death by hanging, especially considering the different ways of being hung, short drop or long drop, short drop being a slow and painful death. But you're right, the end result is the same, death.
    Either way, every nation has the right to deal with spies as they see fit but at the same time I trust nor support any gov't and their judgements.
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  5. I have no problem with this.
  6. You know your country is fucked up when you have a "Revolutionary Court" 
    But as everyone else said, spies are spies, gotta do watchu gotta do!
  7. Good for em. I have no sympathy for anyone in the damned CIA. We need to start hanging them in the streets here.
    Oh good lord that song is bad ass! I had no idea it existed, so thanks!
  9. Without a doubt.
    Zack is one of my favorite dudes.
    RATM's Evil Empire is such a great album.
  10. Iran is backwards? Compared to who? The US? That's a joke.
    Hanging people as a means of execution in our modern day is ass backwards, especially considering if there was any long suffering involved.
    I don't support capital punishment but if a person is going to be killed then it should instant and painless, like a bullet to the head or lethal injection.
    America isn't great by any means but we gave up hangings and electrocution.
  12. So suffering is the mark of a backwards society? The US has GITMO, there is tremendous suffering going on there right now. The US also causes the suffering of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, children included, by economic sanctions on various nations, Iran being one of them. Then there's the obvious suffering of innocents caught in the "war on terror" who are killed seemingly at random by "precision" bombs and drone missiles. Indefinite detention violates civil liberties that have existed since the Magna Carta in the 13th century. Backwards describes the US very well.
  13. HAHAHAAHA. Saw this shit on the live feed and knew immediately from the responses I was in the politics section. You blades keep bladin'. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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    Yes, suffering is definitely one mark of a backwards society. Is that even a doubt in your mind? Why are you arguing with me about this? I already said the USA is no angel and is clearly a cause for mass suffering globally.
    I'm done arguing. Iranian gov't sucks and so does the USA.
  15. Of course this is in the political section, where else would it be? Pandora's box maybe, but that's about it, unless you think General Discussion gives a shit?
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    We should start hanging corrupt politicians and cops slowly in the streets here. That would be a hell of a lot better example than a quick death or what we do now, just let them get away with it and give them time off and a raise.
    I have no problem with those people suffering a long and painful death. Don't want to die that way? Don't become evil and corrupt. The CIA is definitely evil and corrupt to the bone.
  17. @[member="JohnnyWeedSeed"] If we didn't give them a raise, how would they pay off their fines and still make money? HAIL CAPITALISM!  :angry: 
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  19. Where these "spies" vultures or sharks by any chance?
  20. They were Sharks and Penguins

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