Iran Elects New President

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    Say hello to the new president of Iran Hassan Rouhani. 
    Rather you than me Hassan in these turbulent times having to deal with the constant threat of attack from rogue terrorist supporting imperialist regimes such as the US, Britain and Israel.


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    Well we all know the Clerics have power in that land. There last leader was hamstrunged from doing anything he wanted to be it good or bad.
    I would rather have the thumb on them then there thumb on me. Whats great to is just 3 states from fracking now produce more oil then all of Iran did. Were on track to be the worlds number one producer of oil. Its already creating a seismic shift in things. Apple has is moving jobs back to the US. Lenovo opened there first factory in North Carolina this past week. When they do long range forecasts which is what companies do cheap labor does not negate transportation and cheap energy powering a factory. Theres a push now without any government involvement but by companies to make USA the center of manufacturing again. 
    Nigeria used to produce about 3-4 million barrels of oil a day...when I say used to that was last year. They now produce about 1. A already poor nation is going right back into the toliet. To much trouble to drill there with the natives. Iraq could care less about OPEC and is producing as much oil as humanly possible for cash which will have a destabilizing effect on the world order. 
    Over the next 5-10 years you will see this all effect the Middle East in a very negative way. The Saudis have to have oil above 80 bucks a barrel to maintain all there social programs. Venezuela has to be above 100. 
    Israel just turned on the pumping at there mega oil/gas field Tamar and in 2015-2016 The Leviathan Oil/Gas Fields come online 2015+ time frame. The Promised Land is literally the Promised Land. Those two combined makes Israel 100% Energy Independent before the decade is done and a huge oil exporter very soon.
    If you head to Japan they have spent tens of billions to extract Methane Hydrates. Made the news earlier in the year that they cracked the key to doing it. Japan intends to build a test rig in the next couple years followed by full explotation of Methane Hydrates. Theres more of that then all the oil on the planet times 5. No more Arab oil. They will get what they need from USA. 
    My friends we have finally turned a corner. No longer will the Western world require a drop of there oil. OPEC's oil reserves are pathetic compared to what were doing in the US. Theres more oil now then all the oil ever pumped in the US in the 20th Century. The Arabs can rejoice and live a life in the splendor of poverty. Without oil sales the Arabs really have no other industry. They will collapse and the Kings and Prices will go into the dust bin of history. The amount of suffering that will be endured will be horrendous by there native populations because there subsidizes that keep all there citizens in line will collapse. There House of Cards will implode and pretty fast. 
    A good example is Egypt. Egypt revolted because food subsides were being reduced. When you make have a income of 8 bucks a day per capital and thats literally true a 2 dollar increase in food a week causes a revolt. 
    Ethiopia which is Christian nation is building a dam across the Nile. 6000 megawatts that will power the whole region. That will require that the Nile be diverted for some time to build it. They have already stated they do not intend to stop building this today or ever. Egypt already is rattling the sword and Ethiopia is giving them the finger. No Nile no Egypt. A fitting end for the decedents of the Pharaohs. They do have the Muslim Brotherhood though, perhaps that will lead them to deliverance that they seek.
    There future looks bright to. If we can just get our debt under control the stars are aligning for a American 21st Century like the last. The Promised Land and USA being oil exporters. What a great and ironic turn of events. Economists are starting to look into the Baby Boomers retiring. Thats over 1 out of ever 4 Americans leaving the work force that will greatly accelerate as we hit 2020 they have to be replaced. They think the next decade will be a decade of virtually no unemployment. While the Middle East wallows like pigs in 20-40% unemployment like they do today.
    Ethiopia which is Christian is building a dam across the Nile. 6000 megawatts that will power the whole region. That will require that the Nile be diverted for some time to build it. Egypt already is rattling the sword and Ethiopia is giving them the finger. No nile no Egypt. A fitting end for the decedents of the Pharaohs. 
    The US dominated because we had industry which required oil in the 20th Century. We lucked out and were the only ones that could really utilize it in mass. Well my friends as we become the center of manufacturing and industry again that will fuel a explosion of American innovation unlike the world has seen. 
    You could truly say Allah as blessed us and has forsaken the ones who follow him. 
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    Oh the other effect will be the effective ending of the Eco Warrior movement. The prospects of gas is sooo cheap that you would be a fool to build anything other then Natural Gas plants. Nuclear power is now another causality of it. Its not even cost effective to upgrade our current ones. You can forget Wind, Solar any of that pie in the sky concepts. The whole alternative energy sector and now the Nuclear energy sector is effectively in the shitter. 
    A truly blessed time indeed. The final victory and securing our way of life in right in front of us my fellow Americans. Stay the course and a truly blessed bountiful life is ahead. Cheap oil means cheap products, cheaper food. It means many jobs as the world will buy our products employing all of us. Good Morning America is right around the corner. 

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    My my rhapso you are a big fan of fracking and i hope you don't mind me saying, a great advocate for it. Perhaps you should consider a career in DC as a lobbyist. :) You always seem to find a way to bring fracking and the benefits it will bring to the US in the years ahead into nearly every thread. 
    As you have stated above the real power in Iran is held by their top cleric the most holy and splendidly bearded Ayatollah but that said Hassan who has a reputation as a good negotiator and diplomat will still have a lot of hard work ahead of him to keep the warmongering Israelis at bay. The Israelis who have a unique talent for stirring shit and dragging the US in with them are i am sure trawling through every quote Hassan has ever made looking for anything that could be twisted to sound anti semitic.
    I will miss Hassan's predecessor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who was a man of great wit and charm. Hopefully he will have a long retirement to look forward to and enjoy. His time at the helm was i am sure taxing to say the least.

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    Thats because it will. Its the most astounding find in 100 years. We only started in 2009. Energy generation is the key to success of any nation. One of the primary reasons Africa is poor is no energy generation. No energy no nothing. 
    Ahmadinejad will be remembered by his people for having cities with no power...Tehran has become one of the most polluted cities on the planet since Iran oddly has lots of oil but no refineries. As a result they are down to burning animal dung for a fuel source to eat. He will be remembered for hyperinflation. There was a interesting article on that not to long ago. A reporter went to investigate it and while a good deal for foreigners its wretched for them. Whats funny to is the preferred currency is the US Dollar HAHAHA. 
    He will also also be remembered for having a government that declares odd things like having a time machine and other nutty things and for the brutal suppression of there citizens during there almost Arab Spring which turned out to be a Arab Winter for all. 
    The Israeli's warmongering will only be held back so long. 1/5 of the US Naval Fleet,  and the first F-22 deployments are in Saudi...all for the big show. We have been selling the Arabs more weapons in the last couple years then in 10 years combined. 
    If you read the Airforces mega bunker buster made by Boeing we have rush ordered like 200 or something for the Israeli's. I would imagine when it lights off they will just drop one after another and drill into the Earth to get at the facilities. 30,000lb bomb. After those are taken out I would imagine since the opportunity is there they will neuter Iran's military so that annoying flea bag nation is just another gnat. 
  6. Trying to blame Mahmoud for the domestic problems in Iran is absurd and frankly silly. The reason Iran is in the mess it is domestically is because of the US led sanctions. The US administration are very fond of sanctions. They killed up to 1 million Iraqi children with them between the 2 gulf war fiasco's and i am sure that there are Iranian kids suffering now as i type because of the cnt Obama and his administrations actions. The bloods and the crips get all in a tizzy in DC when a leading NeoCon scumbag is killed in Libya but stay silent on the killing of innocent children. 
    The hypocritical Israelis with their crying and shouting about Iran and nuclear weapons have produced no solid proof that Iran has anything but nuclear power aspirations. If they do indeed bomb Iran then there will be dire consequences for Israel and its people.
    What are your own views on Iran and Syria ? Do you see either as a threat ?
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    how is that great? are you from an area that is proficient in this fracking process?
    neighbors of a friend of mine decided to lease their land out to Chesapeake for fracking. my friend said his neighbors were skeptical at first, since my friend & others strongly advised against it to these people....
    ....well they signed the contract, and in the language it stated that the energy company "determined where to put service road to well site." what did chesapeake do? they put their service road RIGHT THROUGH THE CENTER OF THEIR GARDEN.
    i was told it was ugly; the man of the house ran out with a shotgun, the sheriff came, etc.
    and now........they want to build a new gas pipeline around here. so, instead of making it as little as ecologically damaging as possible, they are planning on putting part of their $1.5 billion dollar gas pipeline 80 feet underneath a local lake/reservour that is used for boating, largemouth bass fishing, crappie, catfish, etc. WHY??? why cant they go around it?

    so, whatever. maybe its a good thing to you. to me, i see it as something that destroys our land and employs out of state workers (the only plates i see on the roughneck's cars are from texas, ,oklahoma, kansas, or arkansas....stimulates the local economy my ass)
    ive wrote my representatives and senators about fracking, too. in a nutshell they said "sorry." kinda reminds me of that episode of south park about the gulf of mexico oil spill with them having Tony Hayward saying "we're sorry." lol.
    there was also an earthquake here not too long ago that has been directly linked to the fracking industry. the companies didnt geologically research where they were dumping their fracking wastewater enough (wow, go figure!!), and they "accidentially" pumped the wastewater into a pre-existing fault they injected chemicals that are meant to dissolve rock, onto a fault line.

    (northstar #1 is the well that they say "coincidentially" is by a previous unknown faultline)
    or how about Patriot Water Treatment, L.L.C. who was shut down 3 times by the ohio department of natural resources for putting "clean" fracking wastewater into the mahoning river (tributary of Ohio river). who keeps opening them back up? the good ol federal EPA :mad: and than, most recently to add to my have this article.

    and than you have this:

    fracking got really big in Ohio in late 2010. and with it, you have all of this ^. i like reading your posts and whatnot, rhaposdy, but please......dont say something is good that you know NOTHING about.
    edit: and sorry to go WAY off topic......but heres what i think, i may be way off but whatever, lol: mahmoud is afraid of arab spring in Iran, so in a predetermined election, you see hassan elected. like egypt, it may not always be the case....but a change of leaders can potentially cool people down.
    a comparison would be like our doesnt matter who you vote for, the same shit will happen regardless. just like the veil my government uses for its citizens: liberals vs. conservatives
  8. Meet the new guy, same as the old guy.
    Environmental mumbo jumbo. Voodoo science at best. We had this ultra lib in NC as governor she blocked it like mad. Got a new guy in and man its on. There fighting about it now but they want to drill from Raleigh all the way down to South Carolina. Drill baby drill. Cry econuts cry. We've listened to the voodooers long enough. 
    Also the rewards are to great and its a train that left the station. It won't stop either. You have the most non oil friendly President in history. A EPA that is way into the obstructionist category and with all of that it has not stopped. So if BO cant stop it then you wait till someone with a favorable opinion of it is in office it will be unleashed on a massive scale. The ecotards lost this one. Full steam ahead fossil. Even hybrid cars are losing out. Check out VW or Audi there full steam Clean Diesel. They get MPG about as good as any hybrid. 
    The only reason why there are any wind mills and solar arrays is because of government subsidies which are ending or have ended. When you take that out of the equation you have a money loser of a solution. Whats funny is BO's Dept of Energy backed a certain kind of Solar. China backed another more advanced kind. Our Solar industry went full steam ahead with what the DoE wanted since loans were made. Total fail. Our solar industry has imploded and China's is now the dominate one. Goes to show you big Daddy Uncle Sam usually does not have the answer. No one ever learns though. 
    The past sins are the past. If Iran wishes to comply with international demands and have a reset with the new leader then sure all for it. If not then say hello to the Hebrew Hammer. They will reduce a already primitive nation into nothingness. The rest of the Middle East won't even give a shit either. Saudis have no love to the Iranians. They actually signed a agreement to allow Israeli to fly through there territory last decade. 
    As for the dire consequences keep dreaming. 300 Nuclear Missiles in Israeli keeps it safe. Israel does not use cheap Russian or Chinese shit they use there own designed systems and American firepower. Its on a order of many magnitudes more advanced. A good example is earlier this year over 500 rockets and motars were launched by the Palestinians some even had the range to hit Tel Aviv. You realize that they had over 30,000 troops on the border for a invasion. What stopped that...Iron Dome. The worlds most accurate air defense system. Saw a interesting 60 minutes on it. They designed that very cheaply. Its pretty cool to. Since it just shoots down incoming even the missiles in it are cheap. There tubes are made of steel rather then lightweight exotic materials.  It has neutered the Palestinians completely. Throw in a very secure border and the Palestinians represent nothing more then a annoying gnat. Time to celebrate with some Matzo Ball soup!
    A good example of the non treat the simple minded Arabs present is Syria...rebels have fractured there country. There own military cant crush it. There fighting them with simple weapons. Arab military abilities are a joke. 
    Syria is a lost cause. The only reason why were sending in weapons is the Russians are supplying the Syrian military with them. Thats why the rebel front has been pushed back. If we had done something at first then perhaps but now its to late. 80% of the country is literally rubble. Look it up on the internet. 1/3 of the Rebels are legit, 1/3 are Kurds, 1/3 are Al Qaeda and others causing trouble. The issue is weapons training takes time. If its only M-4's M16's then forget it rebels loose. If its more advanced weapons to stop tanks and planes well that takes several weeks of training. 
    Most likely Mr. Obama did this to divert attention from the NSA and IRS scandal which are consuming his administration. The IRS thing still is growing. Senator Hatch said this weekend that there is a lot more damming stuff that is soon to come out. 
    If you notice BO has not addressed the nation about this. It was a White House announcement. Thats his style though since he got reelected. He leads from the rear not the front. He actually plays golf 4-5 times a week now. 
  11. keep on chugging down that gov't kool aid, buddy.
    enviornmental mumbo dumping 20,000 gallons of water contaminated with arsenic 340 times the minimal drinking standard is just ok? not to mention all of the radioactive isotopes that are soluble with deep, underground solution mining..........but since you are the environmentalist than this is acceptable.
    in addition, you have CEOs like this


    admitting things.....and wanting to change..........but not change how much money goes into his pocket. there are other sources of energy out there (ex. we can send rockets into space harnessing the power of hydrogen energy)
    your one of those drill baby drill types, huh? did you know that the fracking processes used produce natural gas and oil?
    did you also know that we ship large amounts of these "new" resources overseas?
    yay americans, hoo-rah. were not depending on them for energy anymore. woo-hoo. :rolleyes:
    TBH, i dont want to get into it about hybrid cars, solar energy, wind power, blah blah blah. do i think its important that we try new ways to sustain more energy? yes. but am i concerned with that right now? no.
    im concerned with groundwater contamination and earthquakes from things that dont have to be....but things are the way they are because we are under control by a group of rich, gluttonous warlords that care about their pockets more than their grandchildren. hence the reason you have things like fracking & cattle farms with sick livestock from drinking contaminated water. but hey, thats capitalism i guess.
    go ahead and praise that gravy train for whatever unknown reason for which it may be. but youll feel pretty stupid 5-10 years from now when these chemicals that are meant to break down bedrock resurface....
    Needs of the many in this case. You have the most pro eco President in generations and he has not been able to stop it. Most of America could care less. If you cant halt it with him you cant with anyone. 
    In terms of the environment were screwed anyhow. China actually buys in mass the coal that is considered to toxic to use in America. There building dozens of Coal Plants a month over there. Not to mention they have 1.5 billion population that is do to double over the next 20-30 years. They will eat everything that exists and consume every resource on the planet if 3 billion live at the level of the Western World. Thats why from China to Australia all the way to Okinawa the Chinese are saying they own it. They need the resources to sustain there rapid growth and modernization. Its a utter disaster in the making. 
    All processes use Natural Gas or Oil. Farmers are actually a huge user of it as well as Truckers. Part of modern living. Peter Built recently came out with there next generation rig it gets 9 miles per gallon LOLOL. I saw this show on Discovery Channel last year talking about feeding people in 2050 and 3 out 4 trucks just for NY City alone will have to carry produce to feed them. 
    Were fast approaching the point where preserving anything is just a fancy dream. Theres going to be 500 million people to feed in 2050 and you start now to prepare for that not 2049. 
    Thats the reality of it. Was on the news this week. Were running out of farmable seafood so there using what was considered trash fish giving it a better name and serving that in restaurants...actually does not taste bad but its a symptom and sign of whats to come. We have so many people now that any seafood that we develop a taste for gets wiped out in a matter of years. Theres no stopping this you cant its to big to many players to many countries. What do you think happens when we have 10 billion humans on this planet? The eco issues your worrying about they will wish that was what was happening. 
  13. i see your point, but why whould we become slaves to sustaining them? or ruining valuable land in this country for "right now" energy purposes?
    the only reason im so against this is because every first hand experience story i have heard about fracking from this area has been disaster. and now, my neighboring county (portage county, ohio), has become the biggest dump for fracking wastes in all of the US. it really concerns me when such an unwanted mess is happening in my own backyard.
    anyways, i feel as if we've derailed this thread far enough. i care about the environment, but im not some nut. dont think that. for example, if i had 100 acres in carrol county ohio, and if i found gas & oil on my property.....would i get a traditional oil rig & traditional natural gas well? you bet your ass i would! but would i be down for fracking my land; pumping hundreds of millions of gallons of a water solution w/ thousands of pounds of benzene, thousands of pounds of formaldehyde, etc...into my land? only if hell froze over.
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    The sins you speak of are in the very recent past and not by any means forgotten. It is a stain on the US's image and reputation which will never be erased. I would go as far as to say US citizens will be paying the price for the holocaust of innocent Iraqi kids for generations to come.
    There is no proof that Iran is developing anything but nuclear power and the most ridiculous thing about the whole affair is that the ones crying wolf (Israel) are in fact armed to the teeth with nukes themselves and refuse to divulge any information on same. The hypocrisy of this is staggering i am sure you agree.
    If the warmongering Israelis do attack Iran then they will face an all out onslaught from Hezbollah and from Assad if he manages to hold on. The Israeli public are tougher than the US equivalent and well used to war but they will not accept large civilian casualties. Hezbollah also have a significant presence in Europe and significant support. While the US public appear to be brainwashed into believing that Iran is a threat the rest of the world is not as gullible. It would be a major PR boo boo for Israel also and give the Boycott campaigns a massive boost.  From following the Israeli media it is very clear to me that there is no appetite for war with Iran and especially Hezbollah who the Israelis seem to be terrified of. The last encounter Israel had with Hezbollah ended up with Israel not been as dominant as they thought they would be.
    I think you are over estimating Obama's power. He is nothing but a nodding dog who does what he is told. As we have discussed in other threads it does not matter if its a blood or a crip in the big chair, the same agenda is in play. The American public have been hoodwinked into believing that they have a choice come election time but in reality they don't. The last 30 years have shown us this.
    Whether it is a rep or dem in the big chair the outcome is the same.
    We can only hope that another war is not the result of all the posturing from all sides. As fun as it might seem to you to talk of flies and gnats, huge numbers of innocent civilians will suffer and i am sure upon reflection you will concur that peace is the desired outcome.
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    Innocents always die. Tens of thousands die on our highways every year. Nothing new. 
    You live in a strange Islamic dream world that will not exist. Hezbollah is a joke. The arabs get there ass handed to them in ever engagement with the Western world. Whats interesting is Iraq...there tired of getting there ass kicked with Russian trash. There buying massive amounts of American military hardware. 
    Everyone has there own opinion and for myself I could care less what the Arab world thinks of the US. We fought two wars over two buildings being destroyed. When they hit us again with perhaps a nuke you wait the Arabs will learn the meaning of Jihad. You'll discover what our massive response to a city going up in a mushroom cloud is. There won't be anything left this time. 
    After that Boston Bombing I was especially happy when on twitter and it made the news some person said please don't be a muslim. That was a tweet from outside the us. They know better. I was happy because thats response a beaten dog has. When you lift your hand it flinches. I am glad theres a general feeling of that. 
    All those throwbacks have is a bunch of rockets and guns. That does not make you a credible threat it makes you a joke. A bunch of idiots who shoot there AKs from there hips like its a Hollywood movie. You can keep dreaming if you think they can take on anyone but a bunch of rag tags like themselves. 
    In Afghan the losses are coming not from those retards winning its coming from our lack of not annihilating them which we could do in a very fast manner. 
    Iraqi is another lost cause as well. 1000 people last month died from home grown bombing. American's did not do that they did. The whole place is destabilizing which is part of there plan. Create a "Islamic State of Iraq" or so the people that are involved doing that have said. So be it. They can have the place turn it into a Shira paradise watch the world zoom by and be as useful to the world as most African nations are...which is no use. 
    Those "throwbacks" that you refer to have managed to hold off the might of the US empire. It must be a source of great shame to an ex soldier like yourself that you could not defeat a gang of amateurs on donkeys armed with AK's and home made rocket launchers.
    The 1,000 plus killed in Iraq last month is a result of the unwarranted US led invasions. The fairy tales of WMD's have been shown to be just that. The failed US attempt at conquering Iraq has resulted in the country being left in a horrific cesspit of civil war after the hasty US retreat. Those deaths are Bush and Obama's fault and their divide and conquer approach. The fact you cannot see this is shocking to say the least.
    But we are getting nowhere here my friend. I wish you well and hope that in time you will see the error of your ways. 
  17. the new guy is only a puppet
    a face for the real person in the dark who is really in control
  18. and while yall argue about how terrible the other country is, keep in the mind, it is the leaders who control and call all the shots
    i am not sure about the common person in the middle east area, but i can say for the most part, the common man here in america does not give a rats ass about yall over there
    we just want to live our lives without being bother by the other guy
    what about yall?
  19. I was hoping Ali Akbar Velayati would have won.
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    Hassan seems to be talking the talk but whether he will walk the walk it is too early to predict. He certainly seems to have a more moderate approach than Mahmoud and has already indicated that he wants to bring Iran in from the cold.


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