Iran: Bin Laden Died Before US Raid

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  1. Channel 6 News » Iran: Bin Laden died long before U.S. raid

    Their claims that he was already dead aside, I like how Iran handled the execution of Abdul Malik Rigi. Instead of shooting him in the face and dumping his body in the East River, they held an interview with him and later executed him. Classy, Iran, classy.
  2. but Al Qaeda says otherwise..

    and they are a more reliable and trusted source than Iran.
  3. Iran is such a reliable source.
  4. The whole Bin Laden deather nonsense is based on absolutely no substance, just a 'gut feeling that the government is lying to us'.

    Save it for someone who's a nitwit (not me).
  5. They have evidence? Show the evidence.

    It's not rocket science.
  6. That's true...

    But I fear the day when the US government gains the technological capability to post anonymous messages on the internet and pose as the enemy.
  7. For the record.. the same Governement that killed Bin Ladin... Also pressures the rest of the world to outlaw Cannabis.

    Because it is one of THE most dangerous drugs. It's a KILLER!!
  8. Remember when the government lied and said they threw his body in the sea out of respect of Islamic tradition?


  9. Indeed they did, but although I dont like MJ being illegal, I must say that im thrilled that Osama id dead. I work in NYC as an Ironworker and was there for the clean up when it happened. this is two totally different government is 100% right all the time but other countries expect us to be.

  10. Please far as im concerned they should have cut up his body an scattered it across talaban occupied area ...:D
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    Are they a less reliable source than al queda?
  12. In this day and age, nobody is reliable.
    Al Qaeda could be under the influence of anybody.
  13. Yes.-
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    The number one terror organization in the world is a more reliable source than Iran? How so?
  15. Because Bin Laden was the founder of said terror organization? :rolleyes:
  16. We have no reason to believe anything that comes from that country
  17. I agree, bomb Iran for looking at us funny.
  18. Or ours for that matter...

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    So how does that make them a reliable source? Are they good good guys now that osama is gone? I know they are our allies in the Libya invasion.. but I don't think they should be trusted as a reliable source of info..
  20. Release the proof if so. This is just more fodder for the conspiracy that I think about it, maybe Iran is smarter then I thought. They are probably laughing at us behind doors that 'those stupid Americans will believe anything'...

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