IR Scattering Net Worth It?

Discussion in 'Security' started by Godsplantsgrow, Nov 25, 2011.

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    Im about to start my first grow amd have accsess to an IR scattering net i am building a grow cabinet and was thinking about draping over the cabinet i live in vegas allways eye's in the sky day or night

    lighting wattage is 800 that will provide 20,000 lumens

    another qestion im going to be moving with in the same city do you guys thinnk it wise to plug my lights in as soon as i get the key so the power company will never see a spike in my useage

    thanks for looking :smoke:
  2. No one cares about 800 watts. To the average consumer that sounds like a lot but a normal oven uses 2000-4000 watts, a gaming computer uses over 1000, microwave oven uses 1000-1200, hair dryer uses 1200, vacuum cleaner over 1000 watts. A Xbox 150-300 watts depending on model.

    800 watts is a drop in the bucket. The average american house hold uses about 4kw...4000 watts at any given time.

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