IR Detection and air-cooled lamps

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by calinycgrow, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. Does anyone know if air-cooled lamps can be detected by infrared helicopters. From my knowledge IR detects high heat so if the grow room isnt overly hot and all lamps are aircooled i would assume it would be fairly undetectable. Any thoughts?
  2. I think the lights still give off heat, but the fans move the heat in a separate direction from the plants... Like the heat isn't gone, it's just moved. So yes IR could probably detect that, but I don't know much about that sort of stuff so I might be wrong.

  3. Don't confuse heat for "Infrared Signature." They're not the same thing.

    Good news is I'm pretty sure that, as of recently, it's against federal la to use those IR detector thingys on helicopters to look for mj grows. I'll look for the article byt i think it w
    s on NORML or something. Something about a supreme court ruling but i can't remember, alas cannabis DOES affect short term memory lol... My powers grow weak...
  4. Check outh this link:

    not the same article but similar. The answer? yes they can IR scan your house, but ONLY with probable cause. IE high electric bills or other suspicious behavior. If they do the scan without a warrant, the evidence it reveals is (supposedly) inadmissable in court.

    If you're still worried, spend the 200 bucks on the special IR shielding film.

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