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Discussion in 'Lighting' started by 187Budz, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Hello. Buying lights for first time.
    Looking at 400w, either:
    Ipower for $190 CAD
    Vitualsun for $170 CAD
    Both deals come with:
    6" cooltube
    1 MH Bulb
    1 HPS Bulb

    Only difference between them is Ipower has digital ballast and Virtualsun is magnetic.
    As it is my first time going with indoor i know nothing about them except what ive read. Ive heard good things about both I.P. and V.S. is the digital worth the extra couple bucks?
    Pros vs cons/opinions
    Aaaaaand go!

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  2. Fyi im specifically choosing hps for the heat as im going to be using them in the winter. So thank you in advance but no thank you to anyone suggesting to go led or other.

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  3. I use a lot of ipower. Good stuff. Never used their hps though

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  4. Yea ive heard good things about Ipower.
    Heard mixed reviews about digital ballasts and magnetic so im torn lol.
  5. They both do the job well. And put out more heat than you think.

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  6. Yea thats my biddest issue right now as ive never done indoor before so i have no idea what to expect when it comes to heat and ventilation. I have my grow room designed (but not built) but to many unknown variables. Like whether the light and ballast will be enough to keep in warm in the night or if it will be to much. But i live in canada so need the heat
  7. I live in Canada and use leds.

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  8. Back yard shed grow... damn wife wont let me grow in the garage or anywhere in the house... parinoid of the house burning down
  9. i have an ipower 400w unit. i got it 3 years ago and its still kicking. the mh and hps bulbs that came with the unit are both still alive aswell.

    i wouldnt be surprised if they were all the same stuff, just a different sticker lol
  10. 400w is 400w whatever light it is will produce the same amount of heat and consume the same amount of power.
    This is a simple fact.
    Don't get hung up on it
    6 inch inline will cover the job easily temp wise with a fresh intake

    How big your tent?

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  11. So the shed is not heated? Is it insulated?
    I grow in room in an unheated barn in temps probably as cold as you are going to get. You WILL need a heater and will want to get a LUX WIN100 outlet to plug it into. I assume you got the cool tube soas you can get closer to your plants and to accommodate your short ceiling...but of course you will be throwing much of your heat out of your room.
  12. The plan is. To put a door there. Have the light vent into the other part of the shed. And intake from that part of the shed as well trying to reuse as much heat as possible but yes i will be getting a heater... right now im battling the heat while venting out of the shed. Temps are a little high bjt shes growing

    Your friendly neighborhood 187budz

    400w hid 5G DWC coco Berry Bomb first indoor grow

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