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  1. i downloaded a program to backup my ipod music because i have a ton of shit on there from other computers. and in the process it froze up.
    the do not disconnect screen is frozen on the screen and even the hold logo.
    any advice?

    off topic- the colbert report is fuckin wack
  2. i dont have an 'ipod' i use another brand of MP3 and there is just a small 'reset' button on the bottom.

    Use that
  3. aint got none. im bouta use the fucking hammer button.
  4. Those things have mega good warranties... not such a bad idea
  5. Hey, I have several iPods and it all depends on what generation you have. Usually you hold down menu and play/pause at the same time to reset. Check your MANUAL.
  6. hell yeah. the backlight stayed on and the battery died. when i pluged it in to recharge it came up fine. all my music still on it
  7. Just give it to me and leave it at that.
  8. Yeah, hold menu and play whenever it freezes and that'll restart it. I had to do it a lot with my old iPod(the first 5GB) but hardly ever with my new one(color 20gb). I've never had any loss of files or music.
  9. You do know that that show is making fun of Republicans, right?
    He's not really that conservative, it's a character he plays....
  10. Ugh don't even metion Ipods to me. I had one, it broke and i did the warrentee thing about 4 different times with Best Buy. You just walk in and say its broken every time they come out with a new type of ipod. So finally it got stolen, i was fucking pissed and I go get a new one. TWO WEEKS later and my new one got stolen a-fucking-gain. I am not dropping another $350 on one. Karma better have my back cause shit is not going in my favor lately.
  11. I have a question , i have a shuffel and i think i messed it up , took it off too early or soemthin so now when i try to upload shit it doesnt work, my ipod thing wont show up in itunes and when i hit play on it blinks green for a sec then orange right after and nothin happens , anyone know whats wrong with it or better yet how to fix it
  12. by wack i just meant retarded.

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