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  1. I have lots of MP3's. I get them from all over, I-tunes, Limewire, etc. The problem I have is that they are at different volumes. Most are at or near the same playback volume, but some are REDICULOUSLY LOUD.

    There is no greater buzzkill than to be veggin' on the lounge chair outside, smokin and noddin' out listening to some great music on the Ipod then


    The next song's volume is twice that of the previous song's and it scares you half to death.

    I know the Ipod has a feature that's supposed to rectify the different volumes, but it isn't solving the problems. When I say these songs are loud, I mean it's so distorted, you can't tell what song is playing until you turn the volume down to about 10%.

    How can I fix this?

    Any thoughts or ideas?
  2. dude. go to itunes, right click on a song and press 'get info'. Go to the 'Options' tab go to the sound adjustment part and you can lower or raise the volume.

  3. We have a winner!!!!!!!!!!

    +rep....Thanks for the help

  4. Not exactly what I was looking for. They want me to fill out all sorts of stuff prior to downloading and just that's not my bag.........

    But +rep for trying to help

  5. Or there is an option in itunes go to:

    click on the "playback" tab
    and click the box next to "sound check"

    automatically adjusts all your songs to the same and correct volume :D
  6. I had tried this prior to posting this thread & it didn't work. If you read my OP, I mentioned it there.

    I did what Vegas said & it worked fine.

    I highlighted ALL of my songs, right clicked.........Options tab.......adjusted the slider.........hit enter and it took about 2 minutes for all of the songs to be adjusted.

    Works fine now.
  7. op well glad everything worked out for you :smoking:

  8. you can highlight every single song on you list and lower/raise all the volumes at once.

    i have all my songs at +100% hahah

    EDIT: shit, i didnt read that you figured that out for yourself.


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