iPod Video Conversion Problems

Discussion in 'General' started by WookiesAreCool, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Well I have three videos that will not play on my iPod. Orignally they are "Movie file (mpeg)" and they have been converted using Videora and Xilosoft. With Videora it would not even be recognizable as an MPEG-4 Video. With Xilosoft I was able to convert it, play the movie in Quicktime but when I went to transfer it to my iPod it would say it cannot be played on my player. I have converted other Mpeg movie files with success, what is wrong?
  2. It's all about what converter you use. Don't use the iTunes one, either.

  3. Ironically the iTunes converter has done what the two after market converters couldn't.
  4. My videos never had sound when I used the iTunes converter. :(
  5. so far, all I've been using was Videora, its worked like a dream, my only complaint has been been that it takes forever to convert.

    ok, kinda off topic, but I need an answer, I recently bought my iPod Video, and I was just curious if anyone else has this going on; with the old iPod, you use to be able to just hold the MENU button and the backlight would just turn on and off, I liked this so that I could save battery life, but this doesn't happen on the video iPods, if I hold the MENU button, then it just goes to the original menu list.
  6. I expected it to do the same thing. :devious:

    I think all of em are like that.
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