iPod trade - good deal?

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  1. Alright. A kid I know wants me to trade my "broken" 1st Gen 16GB iPod touch and 1st Gen 30GB iPod Video for the brand new 130GB iPod Video he has. My iPod touch has a problem with the hardware for the output plug and when it using headphones, the left one only works. I hacked it and it has Gameboy and stuff on it. The video has no problems with it but it seems a little slow. I played around with the 130GB iPod and it seems legit and really sweet. Does anyone think this would be a good trade?




  2. No only trade the Ipod touch. Keep the other one and hollow it out to make a stash.

  3. So you want me to waste an perfectly working iPod video to make a stash for weed? No.
  4. idk i have an ipod touch and they're pretty sweet dude

    although the bonus 100+GB would be legit
  5. Do u really need all that space? if yes.. then yes

  6. I say yes. If you can get the 130 gig one then why would you need the shittier one with less space? I just think that an iPod touch is just as good as the 130 gig video (I presume you mean classic).
  7. iPods, especially the iPod classic that you put a picture up of, doesn't come in 130gb. He probably meant 120gb.

    Personally I'd go for it. I have a 30gb iPod video and a 16gb iPhone and I need a larger hard drive. I just put my shit on shuffle and listen throughout the week and because managing the iPod with iTunes is so nonsensical I don't take the time to delete songs and put new ones on.

  8. I have 8 GB of music on my iTunes/computer. 4 GB of video. 3 GB of Podcasts. So 15 GB total for what I'll be putting on my iPod.

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