iPod Touch vs. well... Weed.

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  1. Alright so I've scratched up around $220 or so (actually 300+ but I've got insurance bills to help pay), and truthfully, I don't get money that easily. I usually go out and buy 1/8ths but right now my stash is dry.

    ALSO I've my ipod just died and I've had to go back to using my old ass ipod with only 2 gb on it, which means barely any music.

    So for my fellow tokers who own an ipod touch... Let me know if you thought it was worth it. Right now I'm thinking of getting the 8gb ipod touch ($200).

    TL;DR- go get a quart of bud or upgrade my 2g ipod to an 8gb ipod touch?

    (p.s. sorry if this is the wrong forum... couldn't decide)
  2. I got the touch, its pretty cool. Get an ipod over weed if you need an ipod. A quarter shouldnt be 200+ btw but anyways, an ipod will last way longer then weed.

    Maybe if you dont want to spend all the money get a ipod video or used ipod on ebay. Then you mayy have enough left for an eigth or something but bottom line, get an ipod is what I say.
  3. Buy a 120 GB iPod classic and never have to worry about running out of space.
  4. i'd say forget the touch but get an ipod. i have an 8gb nano with 600 songs on it, still got about half my memory left. the battery can last a good 3 days. no problems with it after having it a year. i believe with the price you would be able to get a nano and a quarter.
    also, does it have to be an ipod? my dad has an mp3 player that i believe was about $60 and holds almost as much as my ipod. either way it's music, the only difference is the brand. then i would say you could get an mp3 player and an ounce.
  5. Thanks for the reply bro. Going to wait for a few more posts until I make a decision.
  6. If this is a big purchase for you, I'd go for value over flashiness. Get an iPod Classic. It's only about fifty dollars more than the Touch, but it holds 20x as much media.
  7. I agree with getting an iPod classic.
  8. yeah i have a 80gb classic, and im not running out anytime soon
  9. I get most of my music from my friend's iTunes down the street. If I were to have a field day on his computer I'd probably leave with only 5gb on my mp3.

    Apple's mp3 is not a must, but it's preferred seeing as how it's a trusted name. Perhaps what I need to do is go out and get a Zune.

    @mrsofficer - I can't get an ounce with less than a hundred bucks. I have two dealers, one who's in a different county atm in college and the other is trying to tell me he can't get me a half o for $200 (wtf?? o_O)
  10. I'd scrounge up $20 more and go buy a 16gb Zune HD if I were you.

    I just picked up a 32gb one the other day, and it's awesome
  11. Wait... half o for $200!!!! Jesus! Anyways, I have a Sony with 8 gigs (you'll likely want more space by the sound of it) but it was much cheaper than an ipod and I still haven't had any issues, and that was a year ago.
  12. half o for $200.. that's a lot? :(
  13. Yeah, your dealer has your balls in a vice

    People get ounces for like $250, a half should be like $120-$160
  14. I don't know if being in North Carolina's capital (Raleigh) has anything to do with it, but most likely... well actually indefinitely it's because I'm 18 and I've only picked up from him like 3 times.

    Fml there's no actual way to find a good dealer. I know it's about having connections but all my friends are getting the same deals so idk what's up.
  15. ^^ exactly what i was going to say. i just got my wife the 16g Zune HD and so far it has been fantastic. time will tell whether they are last longer than ipod products (which isn't all that hard), but so far it has been flawless. the software is very nice too, much better than my itunes experience.
  16. If i were in your shoes i would buy an 80 gb ipod classic, then wait a little while and save up for a half or something
  17. Lol, 200+ for a half O is redic. What do you pay for a g?

    Also, go with an iPod. If you have a lot of music go with the classic and if you don't have too much or like games and such, go with the touch.
  18. I agree. Everything about it is just such a better experience than using an iPod. I especially like how it automatically grabs artist backgrounds and such for you when you play a song. Neat feature, nice eye candy.

    When the app marketplace really picks up for the Zune HD I have a feeling it will be a serious contender. It already looks a whole shit ton better than the iPod Touch, and responds just as well, so it'll be interesting to see what they can do with it.

    And yeah, if it lasts longer than every single iPod I've had I'll be incredibly happy. iPods aren't built to last, unfortunately.
  19. Buy the weed. These iPod touch bullshits are just expensive paperweights. Get yourself an mp3 player which will cost you so much less and pick up with the rest! Win/win.

    Zunes are much better as others have mentioned, the sound quality is just lightyears away from the iPod... but they are expensive.
  20. 2 words....
    Zune HD

    I got that shit yesterday and i think (know) it is twice the media player that the ipod touch is. but when you start jailbreaking the ipod touch is where the ipod excels.

    16GB Zune HD $220

    i think it is aesthetically nicer too! if you have any questions about it ask me i can answer them.
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