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Ipod, A Good purchase?

Discussion in 'General' started by MaineTokin, Jul 6, 2004.

  1. Im thinking about investing some hard earned cash into a ipod in alittle while, but have heard some good and bad things about it from people (most of the bad from people who didnt have one). Just was wondering if anyone from the city had one and wanted to give me alittle insight on weither this is a good purchase or something to stay away from.

  2. personally, i prefer CD/MP3 players, like the iRiver SlimX. you can fit like 200 songs per CD in MP3 format, and they play regular CDs too. but if you're sure you want an MP3 player, iPod is probably the best one

  3. i picked one up for free a couple of weeks ago......its not bad....holds a shit load of songs.......still new so i dont have much advice just that if you're lookin for something with space this is the way to go........
  4. dont know what the hell you other guys are talking about. i got one and it kicks so much ass. i dropped it on the pavment one day *whoops* but thanks to the warrenty, apple sent me another one and no problems have arised in the 3 months i've had it.

    so i say go for it, get yourself a ipod
  5. i was planning on getting one a while ago, but i thought it was too much to pay, especialy since i never really want to play my entire cd collection in a random order. I am thinking about getting an ipod mini though, they look a lot cheeper and more realistic.

    chiefdubleblunt, how the hell did you get a free one?! And where can i get one! (even though that contradicts what i've just said, but if it's free then i'm not complaining)
  6. i-pods are gay man !!!
  7. I was thinking about getting one.

    What about the Dell DJ thing? Anyone got one of them?
  8. Go with a Creative Zen. They're cheaper, better sound quality and got better reviews. Well worth looking into.

  9. my dad works in the music industry and works closely with apple........i dont know how he got it but he had no use for it.......called me up asked me if i wanted one so thats how i came by gettin it for free......and yeah i wasn't complaining about

  10. He speaks the truth!

    about the I-pod, have you heard about the thing where the battery dies out after a year or two, and its cheaper to buy a new Ipod then to get it replaced?

    I used to think that was bullshit, until it happened to my uncles, he whined and moaned to apple more then anything I've ever seen, but he still didn't get a new one... thats pretty shitty if you ask me

    I like the I river thing mentioned earlier, mp3 cds hold a lot too

  11. the same thing happens with cell phone batteries. i had my phone for 2years and left my phone on 24/7 till the battery died and eventually it wouldnt stay charged for longer than like a day. but i got a new phone anyways cuz i was done with sprint.
  12. hmm, that never happened with my cell phone, just got a new one about a month ago, had the old one for 2 years, it just seemed like it couldn't hold a charge quite as long, wasn't too bad though
  13. Fuck iPods. too expensive.

    Creative Zen Xtra.

  14. sprint sucks so much ass. my mom works for them so i get deals on phones and minutes and shit but they still suck a big cock. i gotta get a new cell...

  15. ipods are wack yo, gay hippies rock them.
  16. Don't go for the ZEN i'd say, I've had some bad experiences with creative (work in a store that sells them) They are bithces on when something goes wrong and need replacement. I'd choose I-Pod.....

    You could also go mp3/cd like mentioned earlier, I own an I-River SlimX 550, I just love the thing. Maybe a little big, but if that is no problem it's great. And cheap too...leaves money for the weed :)
  17. i have one and i love it...i've never had any problems with it

    but that is because i take good care of it
    i have some advice if you do decide to buy one:

    never let the battery drain all the way, because doing this messes up the battery permanently and it will never last as long as it used to

    buy a case, these things scratch up very easily

    only get it if u listen to music everyday, otherwise it isn't worth it if u just need it for trips

    GET A WARRANTY, you will regret it if u don't, because these ipods are fragile, my friend dropped his once and now it freezes all the time, and for the battery, as soon as it runs out you can get a new one
  18. i say f ipod, its overprized crap.

  19. This is true. I've had my current iPod for about 2 years, and it barely holds a charge now. I still think they're a great investment if you want as much storage space as possible. I hope that the comment about the new generation of iPods not having the same battery problem is true, though. They're too damned expensive to justify buying a new one every year and a half.

    In summary, pick one up if you've got the cash.
  20. it sounds like people who have ipods like them

    people who don't dislike them

    cant we just all get along!?

    (get an ipod)

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