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  1. I think the developers of Apple need to reach out to the stoner crowd. They should make the iPhone with a scale. The screen lifts out and it becomes a scale. The apps are very janky, but if they made a real scale their sales would skyrocket.

    Imagine you feel pretty sketchy about this dude who might short you. Just bring out your phone and bring out the scale. Bring sketchy dealers to their knees and tremble in fear of your mighty scale phone.
  2. Hey if they accept that idea ill go in 50/50 CAUSE THAT WOULD BE BADASS!

  3. :hello::smoke:
  4. also an app that will give me a mouth hug anytime i need it
  5. That would be SO FUCKEN SICK! I would go out and buy that tomorrow.
  6. Nothing would ever make me buy a p.o.s apple anything. And I don't feel like spending a few hundo for a scale. I can get one at the store for ten bucks.
  7. It could be applied to any phone carrying it. I simply picked Apple for sake of discussion. And it would be for the sake of convenience. Everyone carries around their phone so the scale would be right there with it.
  8. The iPhone is a stoner phone. The LED flashlight and HD porn are reasons enough.

  9. I was like LED flashlight what? Then I realized that I'm not fancy and I don't have an iPhone 4

    How about not buying from janky dealers?
  10. there is a scale app for iphone i have it....
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    Dude!! Is it accurate?
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    yeah its called balanced scale pro. Its really sensitive though. it says you have to balance it on your finger, and thats hard it will move or your hands will shake, so ive used a pencil. If you don't balance it right it wont work. My phone is unlocked I got it off of installous instead of paying 99cents in the app store.

    edit: I wouldn't say its 420 friendly if your just going to use your finger to balance it while you picking up from your dealer its not going to work. you have to be still!

  13. I can imagine us all standing there chillin' balancing nugs on pencils counting our pot 0.1g at a time.:D
  14. Its best product ever launched by Apple, i m using it and find it working best for me

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