Iphone weed apps?

Discussion in 'Silicon (v)Alley' started by urzaguilt, May 3, 2011.

  1. Are there any good marijuana related apps I have frweed
    Any suggestions
  2. Grasscity

  3. Im on GC APP right now!!!
  4. I'm on the gc app also
  5. Iweeducation. It ain't free, but look it up. Worth every penny :)
  6. holy fudge there is a gc app?

    i disappoint myself
  7. Iweeducation is free but is not as advertised in the app store
  8. Nevermind it's actually pretty good
  9. Grasscity App holla!


    The Brosky:smoke:
  10. Lol just search weed, pot, or marijuana in the app store. There's a handful of free ones.

    I don't remember what it's called, but I know there's one that just lists info about different strains.
  11. This is slightly of topic but still relates... I got this iPhone app called photosynth which is awesome for making panoramic and googlemap type walk around images using ur mob! So for grow spaces etc it could be useful for progress etc, considered standing in the middle of the flower area and 360 rotational pictures, would be Sweeeet! Also you can search for grow bible PDF and download straight to IBooks or PDF reader (free app)
  12. Strains Pro for a dollar or get it cracked from install0us.

    Gives you pics and info of a shit ton of strains and that shit looks awesome with retina display.
  13. does CT have mmj? if u do, weedmaps.
  14. It wasn't free when I got it D:
    Nonetheless, it's a great app once you're used to it
  15. I have these apps called Encycloweedia and Weed Quiz on my iPhone. These apps are great if you love weeds and know a lot about Marijuana. I's not free but It's worth the price. :D

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