Iphone camera turning red

Discussion in 'General' started by UltimateTweaker, May 7, 2011.

  1. Earlier today I was on the phone and my iPhone camera turned red. My friends mom said something similar to this subject was on the news this morning.

    Was my phone being tapped into, were my conversations being recorded, and was apple spying on me? Ice heard many ways of how they can and why they do/ would do.

    Thoughts? Opinions?
  2. Wait, the actual camera lense turned red? Or just the red recording dot?
  3. My iPod Touch 4g Camera got all scratched from keys in my pocket, so it doesn't even focus on the edges.. rattling.
  4. What part of the camera is capable of turning red? And if someone were "spying" on you, why the hell would they make something on your phone turn red? That's just absurd. If someone was spying on you, you would never even know it.
  5. See i'm glad I don't have a phone, There's always been a reason I couldn't get a phone.
    And 4 that I'm glad.

    But I need go phone.:p
  6. Yeah if someone were to spy on you, you wouldnt know it, hence the nature of spying lol. And what are you talking about, what turned red...??
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    The lense turned red. It turns green when recording and white to flash. And it's not absurd. From what I hear companies have gotten sued for this. What your typing right now can be recorded. Every picture you take is uploaded somewhere beyond your phone if you have a gps.

    But yeah I heard it was on the news this morning.
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    I mean yeah I totally agree with companies spying on their customers, as fucked up
    As that is. Seems like you can't do anything nowadays without someone or something watching lol.
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    That news story was about rented laptops. IPhones do not record you with the camera. They might track the sites you use or whatever but they don't litterally record you.Trust me that would be ALL over headlines.

  10. My laptop is from Rent a Center


  11. hulk hogan got your shit on his personal feed.

  12. I hope he likes what he's seeing :D

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  14. Personally I could care less if they spy on me, as Long as my credit card info and stuff is safe lol

  15. You got that right, brother!
  16. Dude, the lens does not change color. How would it do that? And hey, since its a lens, doncha think that if it changed color, it would makes your photos all change a color too?

    No, your photos aren't "uploaded" somewhere else if you have GPS. If you have location services turned on for the camera app, the phone will add GPS coordinates and a compass heading to the EXIF metadata, which is a set of data saved with the photo that includes date and time, exposure, and other data about the photo.

    So if you're posting pics online of your house or grow, turn off camera location services. Or use a program to strip the pic of location metadata.

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