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iPhone Apps

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pawpcorn, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. what are your guy's favorite apps?
  2. Gc forums app
  3. Touchgrind.... the only reason i got the stupid phone
  4. I have android but Spotify is my fav app.
  5. Pandora, Coin Dozer (haha), Zombie Hwy, Waterslide, Crackle, Cha Cha, i.TV
  6. facebook, words with friends, chess with friends, twitter, GC, my bank and credit card app lol
  7. Crush the castle, tiki toss 3d (relaxing game), thunder god, GC forums app, cracked app, pandora (a must!)
  8. The one that automatically changes the word "app" into either "application" or "URL link" depending on it's function.
  9. Steve Jobs most recent app following his death- iDied
  10. [No One Fucking likes this.]
  11. the drunk app
  12. Too many to list.

    I'll just put down three.

    Pandora Radio
  13. cannapedia- has so many lists of strains
  14. [quote name='"T Swank88"']cannapedia- has so many lists of strains[/quote]

    So does jointogether.

    I've got both.

  15. I cant wait until android gets this game..
  16. [quote name='"bp4er"']Steve Jobs most recent app following his death- iDied

    That's a real app lol
  17. coin dozer is the most retarded app... i play it at least once a day lol
  18. Yea i got that too. Btw what part of NC are you from?
  19. Tiny wings! ... Can't put that shit down (except to browse the forums on the GC app)

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