iPhone apps for stoners?

Discussion in 'General' started by chris7531611, May 17, 2011.

  1. Heya grasscity!
    i just bought an iPhone 4, are there any good apps you suggest? like some trippy cool games and shit :smoke:
  2. Check out Hightimes.com. They have a BITCHIN' grow app.
  3. Alternatively, anybody know of any good games/apps for Android?

    Besides Weed Farmer and Garden of Weeden of course :smoke:
  4. i believe Android has a police scanner app that checks where you are and tunes you into a local frequency.
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    My county/city doesn't broadcast I guess, but I got a really good police scanner. I can't get police in my county, just fire/ems
  6. You can get them, but you have to get the frequencies. There are public and private police frequencies.
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    Oh im sure if I had a scanner that could get them. But im just saying none of the apps have them.

    But even then, with a new scanner from the shack u can't get local, cuz I guess they got the digital frequencies that can't be picked up. The guy told me you can crack them, but Idk.

    I can't afford a new scanner if it wont work. The old days when they used radios u could get everything, but I guess the new radios are digital more like cell phones.

    Just kinda what I hear, u would prob know better than me. Lol
  8. talking tom cat!!! best app when baked with friends.
  9. I got the 5-0 Radio Pro on mine. I love it.

    Pandora radio is a good on.

    Other than that, just the GC app.
  10. Isn't illegal to listen in on police frequencies? Lol
  11. .
    Nope. Only if doing so in order to commit a crime(in Cali).
  12. i have verizon..but yea on the android market theres quite a bit actually..i had a pot farmer one where u start off with nothing and make a business wit it..theres scales(which suck) grams to pounds ect..theres one where you actually smoke a bowl!...i have it:cool:
  13. Im pretty sure its the same in Texas.

    Besides, they dont broadcast all frequencies. I know that the Tac channels in the fire service arent.
  14. True. Tac channels must be accquired from someone within.

  15. hah I have that too :cool: Did you check out the new "Roll a joint" app? Look for it on the Android market, its legit ha
  16. do you have the GC app i hope? Im always on gc now that I have the app. I have a scale app as well haha. and a flashlight just incase
  17. Why listen to a police frequency?

  18. Ummmm....:D

  19. so the five-o can't snatch your crops

  20. i was gunna!! but they want 2 bucks for it so i said NO!,KILL WHITEY!!

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