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  1. I have looked around for a thread but i didnt find one about this. Does anyone know of a good iphone app that downloads music? Ive found a couple but they dont make any sence at all how to use them. Any help? Thanks guys
  2. Mewseek. Even puts it in your music library, jailbreak required though
  3. non-jailbreak: app store> Search: free music> icon should look like my picture included(in one moment>after it's downloaded, hit browser>my favorite sites are beemp3.com mp3skull.com.>search your music. hit the link, not the name of the song.>enter the captcha>hit the download link, and it should download a song anywhere between 4 mgb, to 12 in my experience. all links may not work though.

    Edit: this id what the app looks like. PM me if you need more help man.

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  4. Thanks worked like a charm!

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