Iphone App Ever Coming?

Discussion in 'General' started by gotexans, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. it seems like its been way too long. any updates on when the gc app will be out for the iphone
  2. Apple blocked it because of the myriad "ass threads" in the forums. The offending threads were closed, which means the app goes back in the pending approval line, so if they're going to approve it it'll still be another week or 2 before you hear anything about it.
    Honestly, though, there are so many threads here worse than those ass threads, so if Apple is going to continue being as draconian as ever with their app guidelines it might never come back.
  3. There aren't enough ass threads if you ask me.
  4. man fuck apple
    One ass thread is too many ass threads for Overlord Apple
  6. Screw Iphones.... Android all the way!
  7. Apple can suck my balls, fuck their censorship.

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  8. This sum bull-ish son!
  9. I got it

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