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IPhone 4 and Up Bud Pics

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by southgatoker, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. For the past two years I have been subjected to taking pictures on a 3S. Well now that I have a IPhone 5 everything looks so good. But anyway if you have a IPhone 4 or up post pics of your bud.

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  2. I got a 4S for Christmas (well that, coupled with the fact my contract expired in december). shit in my sig was taken with with a 4S, looks pretty good to me. I'm getting some new bud in about an hour and will probably have pics up later tonight

    nice bud by the way. dunno if you know, but you can zoom in on an iphone by like 'pinching' the screen
  3. Yeah I'm getting half an o tomorrow. He said there's 3 and 4 gram buds in the bag. He's pretty consistent. That first pic smelled like some outdoor. It had a really earthy smell. It smell like fresh plowed earth. I strip search all of the buds for mold because I've never had outdoor dank before. I actually started to go into this trip the first time I smoked it. I had four gs of it. That was the last .5 out of the sack. I'll post pics of that bud tomorrow though.

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