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iPee synthetic urine info?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by NiteOwl, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. I have searched all over the internet and have come up with zero reviews of iPee. It is a powdered urine. Please someone that has used iPee for a test come give us feedback on it!!
    There is a huge lack of info on this stuff and its all i've got. Also anyone that has used powdered synthetic urine please tell me your experience. I need info!!!
  2. Dude just get real clean urine. I bet they can tell that it is synthetic and their are no reviews because nobody would buy that crap.
  3. get a clean friend to piss in a bottle for you. its a lot cheeper
  4. I wasnt asking for other options or uninformed opinions. I was asking for people with experience to come share some actual information.

    There are a ton of every day people who use synthetic urine regularly, and no labs cant tell the difference, they test for gravity and ph, which synthetic urines account for. I'm trying to get more info out on the internet about a specific kind. Please keep your opinions to yourself, I need actual information instead of "dood thats dumb do this instead"

    smr312: If you read my post you would see that I already have the synthetic, so your advice is useless. So tired of kids on here not even trying to be helpful.
  5. we know
  6. Well then thanks for providing useless information even though you knew it wouldn't help. Ironic how your attitude proves your quote to be true.
  7. Someone's butthurt.
  8. I used powdered synthetic urine once. Well, it wasn't this iPee shit or whatever, it was onion powder that i mixed with my piss. I guess the shit in the onion powder cancels out the THC so neither show up in your piss. Not onions OR THC
  9. Dont know if you're a failtroll like the others...or just retarded.
  10. maybe hes both :D
  11. niteowl chill out bro.. no one that has seen this thread yet has used ipee. so just chill and wait and eventually u will get a good response
  12. Thanks toker, good to see a genuine, positive response :)
  13. American Beauty. Enough said. Works for me.
  14. [quote name='"kgeorge"']American Beauty. Enough said. Works for me.[/quote]

    Sweet dude, one of my favorite films of all time!
  15. Doesn't really help me at all but thanks anyway ;)
  16. I have used Quick Fix twice now without failure and always hear positive reviews, go with that
  17. I will never understand people like you who just barge into a thread with no useful answers to the questions being asked, or maybe you just dont read, so you throw out some random crap like "just use a friends", or "use this instead" To repeat myself again: I am looking for experience and info on the product iPee, because there is NONE on the internet. I'm trying to find new info, not hear the same suggestions that are all over every forum.
  18. maybe you should just accept the help people are trying to give you and quit bitching about it. obviously no one but you has ipee so no one can give you the answer youre looking for. or maybe you can try it yourself on a home drug test and find out if it works and let us all know
  19. I'm simply pointing out that no one seems to be addressing my questions, they're just throwing out useless opinions. You should know that best since you like to keep checking up on this thread constantly and continue the useless posts. I'm pretty sure there are people who have experience with this, and would post experiences considering I've worked at a headshop and we sold cases of this with no complaints. Doubt they will bother now since the thread is full of people talking about getting a friends pee and other products. In some forums you get banned for derailing a thread constantly.

    Testing the synthetic urine on a home test has no point, there are obviously no drugs present in it. What I need to know is if labs detect anything off about it, which only people that have used it can tell me. If you wanna be helpful leave this thread alone and let people with actual info post. I doubt youre interested in being helpful though. Also I will be posting my results with it when I use it next week, just looking for some backup so I dont feel like im the first person trying it. Bro.

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