iPad or no iPad?

Discussion in 'General' started by iSmokeLI, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. Yo sup guys need some advice, for the past couple years I haven't really asked for anything for Christmas, usually just get clothes and shit which is cool.

    This year my mom just says she wants to buy my siblings and I all an iPad, and I dunno if I really need one of those. If anyone has an iPad or has used one, give me some input on if its worth it.

    The alternative is that I can get something worth around the same as an iPad, here's why I made this thread

    Cool ideas for something to buy around $500, lets hear them :smoke:
  2. go with the iphone 4s lol
  3. It's too big to be a cellphone, and too weak to be a laptop.
  4. Yeah I don't know if I really want an iPad in such the early stages, you know Apple holds back for a couple years like the iPhones, all money schemes.

    and I already have an Android, on Sprint and not changing networks again.
  5. bump, give me some opinions fuck steezyDAT he's stealing my thunder
  6. you can get a pretty decent head unit for 5 hundo. I'd get a borla exhaust though, that's my next 500 purchase
  7. my buddy has an ipad he got for christmas...he says he just uses it as a big ipod
  8. yeah I feel like I would do the same thing, which is why I want something else
  9. I'm posting from an IPad. I recommend lol
  10. Yeah man I mean if your mom is gonna get you one I would say it is worth getting as long as your not using your own money.. In the next few years many tablets will come out and that is the future of computing.. Ipad is ahead of the game right now but in 2-4 years it wont be.

    So yeah ask for a Ipad unless you want something else.. if she is going to get you a tablet then your best bet is a Ipad.
  11. I would recommend and Android tablet over an iPad...

    But really there are so many better options... TV? Audio? Car audio? Cash? Bong? Laptop? Desktop? etc.
  12. A nice gaming PC?

    Edit: well, a nice gaming PC that you would have to build for it to actually be able to run most games on high settings... but that's all I can think of
  13. lol a good gaming PC is far more than 500
  14. Nice avatar iSmoke.. I have that same logo on a shirt. Hieroglyphics is bomb saw them not long ago.
  15. Haha word dude how long ago? I saw them Sept. 4th the day after Rock The Bells in NYC, ended up meeting all of them. Got a picture with Tajai as well

    I have a tattoo of them, thats how they spotted me in the crowd.

  16. Not really lol. If you wanna go all out and get the best parts, yeah. But if you're just looking for something to play games on at mid-high settings 500 is plenty.
  17. I say go for it. I use mine more than I expected to when I bought it.
  18. went to bestbuy to buy a ipad....fuck a ipad i coulda got one..walked out with a laptop...plus if your patient the ipad is gunna cost like 200 in the near future jus like all apple products prices drop every year.
  19. get the ipad why wouldnt you want to spoil yourself
  20. I just bought an HP laptop and I bought a webOS tablet for 100 bucks. It's pretty good for a fifth of the price of the iPad

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