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Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, Jun 9, 2002.

  1. Dear Members,

    An error occured last night. Nobody was able to login, including myself. It should be fixed now. Sorry for the trouble and thank you for all your email. Seems that 1834 people realy care to get into the site daily! :)


    If you still have trouble with the login, don't hesitate to mail me!
  2. Thanks sj

    I was begining to think you didn't like me superjoint..:(


    glad you got it fixed

    peace bladez
  3. Thank you so much for the explanation,but the apology is NOT needed!!!! Ya'll work so hard to provide this amazing site for us. My favorite spot on the whole damn web!!! It's a source of education,humor,friendship, and yes,at times,even "therapy"!!!! Kinda like the old "Cheers" theme-song......"You want to go where everyone knows your name!" :D

    Thanks again to SJ, Kees, and all the staff, and all the Mods.!!!! :wave:
  4. No problem SJ, I was a little worried at first then I thought noooo it will just be a problem on the site. Woke up this morning first thing I done is checked my email to see if you replied seen the email explaining that it was a problem and I wasn't banned and then I was a happy as Harry :)

    Take care
  5. Thanks for letting us know SJ. It's great that you post a reason for the trouble so that we all know!
  6. Truth be told, Superjoint told me he was sick of us all and needed a break, say, ohh 10 hours. After years of no sleep he said "I may be a Super Hero, but I need my SLEEP!"

    SO I'm glad you got your sleep Superjoint, but next time leave someone else in charge! j/k :)

    Thanks again for all your help it's OK, the net is not always the most stable place, and as the everfamous quote says, "sh!t happens." Thanks for keeping us updated, and getting us back up in no time!
    tons of x's and o's from me and Phishhead :)
  7. Thanks Super J!! I was glad to see the reply to my e-mail also. I kept wondering if I had posted something truly horrible while high but I knew that I just couldn't have done anything that bad!

    I'm with Amanita! My "fragile sensitivities" were in total chaos last night.

    We love you, Super J!!!!!! And Grasscity, too!!!!! If you couldn't feel the love after 1834 e-mails then you better feel it now.
  8. i was thinking the grow lights shorted out the house mains ! or he had something more inporten going on like a orgee or something ! than i thought no i ben banned a few times and realy did not now why !some to do with being stone out of my freaken mind or some thing like that !all we realy want to know is, "was she cute dude "?!lol
  9. So there were 1833 other folks out there freakin' besides me!!! I'm not the only one who was goin over and over in my head 'What stupid shit did I do now?!' Actually it would've been 1832 'cause I sent 2 e-mails as I am extra mentally unstable.
    Thanx for the explanation SJ-you da man!!!!
  10. i sent the mail too right along with the rest, but only one, so am i ok?
    ... but sorry for all five pages of the cursing and name calling i wrote to ya. :D
    pretty nice job man.
    thanks, peace
  11. stonie jo, don't feel bad for e-mailing twice,lol I even e-mailed other Bladies and Blades to see if THEY could find out why I was banned!! (In case I was sooo banned I didn't get a reply from SJ,lol) :D :D :smoking:

  12. Same here i stayed up all night thinking about every post i made...lol

  13. you mean we should sleep some time ! why, lol

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