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IOWA- Ditch weed

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by turborunner, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. Well me and some friends have decided to go hunting for ditch weed. I know it isn't worth smoking the buds but our plan is to get like a trash bag full and then make a little block of hash. I know it won't be the best hash but it should get me higher than any mid and its pretty much free. Does anyone know what parts of Iowa ditch weed can be found in? Is it just on the side of the road or can I find a field of it? Does it grow in the woods that would be great especially while gathering it?
  2. man, there's so little thc in ditchweed you're going to risk getting arrested for nothing :(

    ..sorry, I don't know the answers to your specific questions.
  3. dude u risk going to jail every time you buy a dime sack. I am really hoping it can be done in the woods to easily avoid detection. Anyways I already said I am not going to smoke the bud but make hash that means even if the THC is 1% I just have to use more bud to make less hash. Since the bud is free this isn't a big deal.
  4. Does anyone have experience with ditch weed or making hash with it.
  5. is it even growing right now because i'm in missouri and i've yet to see any
  6. The grow season just started so it will be a while before I can think about harvesting any to experiment with. I am going to look around for it all summer though and map where its at so when it is time to pick some I will know where its at. I remember when I was on overgrow I saw a thread where someone had made a QP of hash out of bubble bags.
  7. ^^ wait, a QP of hash! Thats so much.. Bubble. Do you recall that they used ditch weed?
  8. Yea they did use ditch weed for sure. The whole thread was made by the guy who was trying to see if you could make hash out of ditch weed since its not worth smoking.
  9. Wtf is ditch weed?

  10. Ditch weed- A variety of cannabis that grows wild throughout the mid-west parts of the USA.
  11. hey now, you could be that guy but on this forum.
  12. Thats a great point. When its harvest time I will Make a thread and do just that!
  13. For all the non-believers, Several amazing pictures of the Midwestern phenomena of Ditch weed! Just look at how well they thrive in the wild, I bet uncle Sam didn't expect to come back and find this as result of the seeds he lost.

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  14. DAMN! i would be so stoked if i stumbled upon a random field of beastly plants like that!
  15. Yes, Some people think that ditch weed is worthless but there are government paper that say the ditch weed has %0.5-%1 THC content and like %2 CBD. If you make hash out of it, it won't be the best hash but it is hash. The government reported that over %90 of the weed plants they kill are ditch weed. There must be some reason.
  16. i bet not all of those wild plants are all shitty herb it just doesn't seem to look like they grow shitty herbs the plants look very healthy idk tho:confused:
  17. it looks like a fine sativa
  18. dude thats fucking amazing. I wish there was some here.
  19. cant you just plant a few seeds instead of looking for already growing plants...

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