iOS grasscity access, now available via the TapaTalk App in the appstore

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    Ok apple and iOS users, until we have the issue fixed with our own FREE dedicated iOS app, we have the forums up and running under the tapatalk app, it's far from perfect, we know, but at least  you will have 90% of the functionality of the former iOS app at your disposal. Don't start that it costs money, the tapatalk app that is, we can't help it.
    Install the tapatalk app version 1 or 2 (we advise version 2) here, and search in the directory for "grasscity"
    Tapatalk Forum App
    Tapatalk 2 - Community Reader

  2. So there's no actual GC app?.......
  3. not yet
  4. I'm gonna wait until I can have the beautiful GC icon on my iPhone dock.
    Hell, I'd pay $10 for an actual GC app.
    You guys could make bank
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    Shit I would too at this point
    I hate tapatalk
    Apple won't approve it, so Tapatalk is the work around for now.
  7. Pass also. Tap talk sucks
  8. Goddamn,It's time for someone to man up and start suckin some dicks over there at apple
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    It doesn't make any sense. Apple denied the app the first time because of the ass threads here, so the ass threads were closed. But Apple has a bunch of sex apps and shit like that in the App Store, so their approval process is obviously flawed.
    They just need to stop trying to legislate morality and what people can do with the products they paid good money for. That's the main reason I refuse to buy any of their products.
  10. Censorship at its finest ladies and gentlemen. Pretty sure congress passed that SISPA or CISPA shit when everyone was focused on the newtown shooting
  11. Release a GC app in cydia, If apple won't allow it in the App Store
    They won't do that, nor will they post the file here for download. They want it to go through official outlets. Plus, not everyone with an iPhone is jailbroken.
  13. Well that's pretty lame honestly.
    I know not everyone is jailbroken but some iPhone users are better than 0, you know what I mean. In the end this is Apple's fault obviously but seriously I would think a counter culture forum would be more than happy to put an app in Cydia
    I think it has to do with GC being, first and foremost, and legitimate glass sales business. I don't want to speak for them, though.
    I don't think it's really that lame, since they gave the Tapatalk workaround. They're giving ALL iOS users the chance to use GC on mobile devices versus just allowing jailbroken users to use GC. I think it makes sense. And, if you're jailbroken, you know how to get Tapatalk for free anyway...
  15. Anyone that has apple for whatever reason, just use the mobile site. It's practically the same. 
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    Hope not I strongly dislike the mobile site. Not even gunna try tapatalk. Waiting for the real thing. Apple this is straight bullshit! 
    And @superjoint do we have an ETA for the app? Or Apple being difficult again? Sorry man Im just a GC app fiend and Im having more withdrawals!
  17. they have all kinds of sex position apps on there, which is far more graphic than anything i've seen on grasscity.
    but i agree with you, their products aren't cheap, and they are trying to tell people what they can, and cannot do with them
  18. Yeah I understand. I'll just wait it out for the GC app and keep using the mobile site, tapatalk sucks ass. I'm not active enough to really care too much anyways.
  19. No ETA as far as I'm aware. Just waiting on apple to accept it. The first time was for the ass threads, which we closed. Then they had another reason (which I'm not aware of specifically).
    I'm sure GC is trying to work with them to get the app "acceptable" by their standards. No telling how long this could take.

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