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    In the latest update, it mentions the plug in code needs to be updated for all of the new features to work. I noticed the profile one isn't working, so just wondering if it's been done yet/reminding you kindly if it hasn't. :gc_rocks:
    Thanks for your time. :D
  2. Profiles are working correct on iphone app for me
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    You see the new button at the bottom? It doesn't do anything when I tap it. Have you gone to the App store and updated the app? It says there's an update for the plugin that needs to be implemented for certain to features to work. I'm assuming this is one.

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  4. Im having the same issue too
  5. Favourite sub-forums also don't seem to be showing up after I favourite them. I could be looking in the wrong place, though.

  6. I am sorry but i don't see a new button on that screenshot
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    Towards the bottom, it says profile.

    Bottom line is, have you checked the ForumRunner site for an update for the plugin or done whatever you need to in order to ensure it's up to date? lol According to the App update you need to if you haven't. Have you not updated the app in the AppStore yet?
  8. We are investigating the issue
  9. Alright, thanks.
  10. This issue will be active for some time. We reverted to a previous version of mobile application and informed the developer of the application within problem causer part. Once the problem will be fixed , we will correct this issue.
  11. I liked it while it was disabled. The forums were so much faster. lol Oh well, new servers soon, I hear.
  12. Can't participate in dead hours thread anymore. Continually get parse errors. Can't even view it.

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