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Discussion in 'General' started by gotexans, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. In the year and a half I had my HTC I never once changed a theme or an icon or a "scene" whatever the fuck that is. I'm a grown up, and like grown up things.
  2. lol yet you go get the colorful iphone 5c that looks like a kid's phone because it was marketed towards kids. I thought u were a teenager my bad.
  3. White?
  4. I used to be just like you dude so I know where you're coming from, believe me. Everyone has a preference. Shit, I'm not saying i will never buy another android because I'm sure I will. I like both. Just saying it's not as bad as you're making it out to be haha.
  5. You can learn alot from watching youtube videos. Get the emulators from the playstore and the roms from a rom site. Find a site that you can download music and just click to download it on your phone. I use
  6. Everyone has a preference and it's fine if you prefer iphone. I only had iphones till a month ago and the difference is night and day. A iphone is a phone and a android is a computer.
  7. Been using my sisters Ipad since I don't have a working laptop. Wanted to watch a movie yesterday, but forgot you can't stream due to apples bitchfight with flash, was going to download it and put it on a flash drive, but the iPad has no USB port. Then was going to try and download an emulator to play some old school games, but apparently iOS doesn't support emulators.

    Ios7 is a cool upgrade, includes a bunch of stuff android has been doing for years. But it's not the os for me. Too many restrictions for what I want to do.

    But it works for millions of other people. Depends on what you're looking for. But for a tablet, it feels like I'm using a big phone and not a pseudo laptop like other android powered tablets are. Which I feel defeats the purpose of having a tablet in general. Especially for the price tag.

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