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  1. Is ugly IMO. What about y'all?
  2. Its okay, i dont really care that much though. They did force me to have a password which is kind of annoying but meh..
  3. you arent forced to have a password lol. you can change/remove it
  4. I dont plan on updating my ipad unless it becomes mandatory.
  5. Imo apple products are garbage....people....everything a suckky iPhone or pad does-android has already done....and apple is the only ones to blame was the top of the line now its just pitiful...iphone 5s doesn't have shit new..they are still running a 8mp camera when Nokia's cam is 42mp only that the 5c is just a watered down version of the regular 5 only defrence is its plastic instead of glass...and it save the apple company millions but still has the price tag of the glass ones needs to step it up or create a new version--the iflush lmao

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  6. Yeah my next phone won't be an iphone^
  7. Anyway I can go back on the update?
  8. the male voice option of siri kinda creeps me out
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    [quote name="suplove" post="18718036" timestamp="1379808798"]the male voice option of siri kinda creeps me out[/quote] mine is still a female?Wait never mind it's an option haha stupid meSent from Godzilla brah
  10. Ya the iOS 7 is just a rip off of android. A fone is a fone tho so I dont really care much as long as I can still do shit on it is all that matters to me. 
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  11. My iPod is on ios 5 still
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    [​IMG]But wait! There's more! Ubuntu Phone!
  13. I just have to say, I have been a die hard Android guy for years. Never bought into the hype of the iPhone. But, here I am typing on a brand new 5c. Yes, this phone has a plastic outer shell but it has a steel reinforced frame and feels just as or more solid than my One X I just got rid of. Build quality is impeccable and iOS 7 is great. It introduced things to the iPhone that Android has had for years. Which is part of the reason I decided to purchase it. The screen is still glass. Whoever was bitching about the plastic and how cheap it is obviously has not held this phone. And it cost me about 40 bucks after trading in my old phone. Needless to say, I'm in love. I never ever bought into the hype of the iPhone and resented people who did haha but this thing is pretty damn sweet.
  14. Oh, and over the iPhone 5, the 5c has a slightly better rear camera, a way better front camera, and it's a little bit faster. It's not the same as the 5 but it is close. It's not a "rip off" seeing as how this is probably the best 100 dollar phone you can buy
  15. Yea.. It really does suck..
    Kinda like GC.. Why couldn't it just have been left alone?
  16. Lol are you serious? Going from Android to iPhone is unheard of, that's like getting out of jail and then willingly going back in

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  17. I'm serious. This thing is awesome. There isn't one thing I have found wrong or something the HTC did that the iPhone doesn't.
  18. Download roms, emulators, music, movies straight off the phone's browser.....customize themes and icons.... Did u know u could have done all of that and more?
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  19. And If i was a teenager who used my phone to watch movies, play games, or change the look of my icons and the colors of my theme, that would make sense... I purchase my music and already used iTunes to manage it for the HTC anyway.
  20. Could you recommend a good place to read about this stuff? I have an oldish HTC phone but I'm gonna upgrade soon and I'd like to be able to use the phone I get to its fullest potential.

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