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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by alice D, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. so i got in a little bit of trouble and now im in a intensive outpatient program that i have no way out of im going to be getting tested once a week any ideas on how i can still smoke and pass my tests? i think if i smoke right after my test i should have enough time to be able to flush my system with water and exersize or whatever i cant afford detox and im ganna miss out on the harvest session:( any ideas would be appreciated hope you all toke one for me in the meentime:smoke:

    O and did i mention its a minimum of 3 months long and they can keep me in it for almost a year if they dont think im clean or i dont listen to them or whatever possibly even senp me to in pationt just to have to repeat outpatient when i get out
    the part that makes me mad is the only laws i break are the ones that have to do with our freind mary j I AM NOT A CRIMINAL and i dont like being treated as such because of these stupid laws (wich wouldnt even be laws if it wasnt for the governments mis information) i wouldnt be in this shit whos right is it to say wich drugs a person can put in there body i could go on forever about this bullshit but im sure you all feal the same way
  2. Sorry about that man, you could always use a friends piss, but I wouldn't recommend that. 3 months without weed or a year for one puff? You decide o_O
  3. do you know how they test you? i was in an IOP a couple years back and i smoked numerous times throughout and was able to dilute the sample with water from the toilet, cause they weren't that strict about it. now, i wasn't smoking every day, like once or twice a week so that helped keep the levels down. but yeah, if you can just scoop up a lil water then pee into it
  4. How about a tolerance break?
  5. yea man i would just use this time to stock my weed up and have a nice collection after the three months are done... then its a long time till u have to buy some more
  6. ya i guess there are a few good parts to the whole situation
    • i wont be tempted to smoke the harvest until i have a full 2 month cure
    • my tolerence is ganna get so low i wont even beilive it(i quit for a week and yesteday the oppertunity came up so i just said fuck it im already about to fail my next test anyway so i took 2 hits and was gone)
    • im going to remember why i started in the first place
    • and who knows maybe i might even learn somthing
  7. o ya and by the way its a piss test. im a skinny guy and i think if i take 1 or 2 puffs here and there i should be able to get it out of my system in time. O and by the way has anyone ever heard of anything you could drop into your cup of piss to destroy the thc its probably a pretty stupid idea but if you could do it i bet it would sell better that any detox
  8. Dropping something in sounds like a bad idea. If it's anything that isn't normally in piss to begin with, it can probably be detected.

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