Ionic CFL for odor

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Swami, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. I have three mature plants that are getting a little stinky. Put in a single 23 watt ionic CFL and the odor went way down. To be sure I alternated days with and without and there is a definite difference.

    Is this a substitute for a carbon air scrubber? No, not even close. But for a grower like me who cannot modify his closet to add a scrubber, these air purifiers help.

    Note: as these bulbs are expensive, I only use it late in flower or when the odor gets noticable. I believe (not sure) that they still work even when the bulb burns out as the ionic electrode is on a separate circuit.
  2. Nice up lad. I was thinking about getting one for my grow space just to supplement everything else! I'm the kinda guys that believes if it works for someone else it should work for me too!
    I'll grab one here around the new year and let you know how they work for me.

    thanks again
  3. Gotta link or pic?

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