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  1. I just got the Iolite WISPR today at my local headshop and im about to give it a try in a bout an hour at my friends house. I will post a full review and maybe some pictures and videos if it works out well. ~until then . . .
  2. please do. I heard it runs really hot and that the vapor is harsh. Also can you taste any butane?
  3. I guess it didn't go well. Buyers' Remorse, perhaps?
  4. I dunno but I have the regular iolite and it's the shit. I get clouds!
    Theres no butane taste can't see why the new model would be worse..
    He probably got too ripped and forgot :)
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    I just got the iolite Wispr after my old iolite took a swim in a cup of soda. I'm not so sure about this one. I think I liked my old one better. It is cool looking, and knowing how much butane you have left is awesome, but the shape of the old one was better and the color selection sucks. I like pink, and they don't even have that option. It did heat up fast but it seems that it burns a little hotter so my herbs get burnt up faster. Also the tube isn't quite long enough, it gets pretty warm when you're taking a long, slow drag. Also, the case is a cheesy grey material drawstring bag, where as the old one had a nice neoprene zipper case. For $300, you think it would have a nice case to store it in. It is a little harsher on the lungs, I guess cause it gets hotter faster. Who knows? It's still a nice piece and i will use it forever!!!

  6. Best first post ever

    Thanks alot for the info, I was really curious about what made this thing worth 100 bucks extra.

    and so far, its nothing lol

    Thanks again!

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