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  1. After a month of owning my iolite wispr it broke... Watch you hear about the iolite is true it is cheap very cheap. Even though I used it correctly
    With zEro impurity butane it stil stopped
    Igniting and now won't even fill with butane. I have a two year warranty
    But in all honesty do you think it's worth sending to them or
    Will the not send me a new one?
    Thanks J
  2. I had an original iolite stop lighting. I had to clean it really well and send it back to them, minus the mouthpiece. They sent me a new one and another mouthpiece after I sent them a copy of my receipt.
  3. Thanks for reply they said they would do the same but I feel like they'll find a way not to give me a new one. And what butane do you use
  4. Could the people at iolite tell If you weren't using high grade butane. Mine is near 0 impurities but not 5x refined
  5. I have the original iolite and it worked just fine for two years. However, I used it probably 1000-1500 times over that time period haha. Though it still worked, it was nowhere near the quality it was upon purchasing it. When I heard that the company who makes Iolite will send a replacement if you take advantage of their warranty, I had to try it out. I sent away my Iolite in the first week of January and just got it today, halfway through March. They were very helpful in getting the warranty set up for me but as soon as I mailed, it was hard to get a response from them and I was almost certain I'd never see it again. However, today my replacement seems like a brand new device and works better than my old one did throughout 90% of its life. Needless to say, I'm a happy customer.
  6. No such thing as Butane with zero impurities.
  7. iolite is an alright product, if your going for a vaporizer i dont see why your gonna buy a butane product....

    Vapir NO2, dollar electric handheld portable vape
    Magic-Flight Box

    ^2 best options

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