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    I just finished my 1st Iolite bowl and I gotta tell ya, it's been a while since I've been this stoned. :hippie:

    I've decided to up my game a bit. The harshness from my dugout bat was really getting to my throat. The Iolite doesn't hold a whole lot of weed, but for one or two people, it's more then enough. Setup couldn't have been easier, I just filled the bowl and didn't pack it down any. Getting the bowl re-inserted seems a little tricky, but not challenging. It's also a little larger then I expected, but still fit in one hand nicely.

    The lack of smell is worth every penny. I've never really understood people "tasting" their smoke before, as it always just tasted like hot smoke to me, but with this thing, I was, that's really amazing, I can taste this, and it's pretty pleasant. I started hitting and wasn't noticing anything, but 5-6 hits later, I realize that I'm watching a dreadful episode of Judge Judy because I can't remember what the remote looks like. :smoke:

    Anyway, it cycles on and off a few more times, and I then realize that it's a little hot, and that I'm getting a puff of smoke when I exhale. I turn it off and find something more entertaining on tv to watch, and hit that for another 5 minutes or so. Let it cool down for a few, turn it back on for another cycle or two and got about 5 more hits before I decide I'm good.

    Pros: very discrete, doesn't use a lot of weed, easy to use, gets you blasted
    Cons: expensive, but I'm worth it.

    Bottom line: 5 stars. I'm really glad I got this, and can't wait to see how it works while on the go.
  2. great description. I use my iolite all the time and have even been using it instead of the volcano lately. I love the individual sized hits.
  3. Thanks. How many hits do you get per bowl? How many bowls do you go through before needing to add butane?
  4. Definitely love the Iolite. I had a Vapor Genie before I got it, but it left a lot of room for error, and left you out of breath... although it hit like a champ when done right. I would recommend also the Magic Flight for the upcoming holiday gatherings. You can go to anyones bathroom, and squeeze off 2-3 good hits in 60 seconds.
  5. High :),
    I just got the IOlite after researching. You have given an excelleny review and I could not agree more with you. I wondered if you could answer a couple of questions:
    1) I am the only one in my house that vaporizes and I find a bowl lasts a long time - how can you tell that a bowl is getting burnt? I see the color change to a slight darker brown but as someone mentioned it does not brown.
    I have to inhale harder/longer to where the "straw" gets very warm ...ideas?

    2) This thing is fabulous but I have to click the ignitor several times after I turn the switch from 0->1 before I see the indicator begin to change from blue to orange
    . Have you noticed this at all or do I have an issue?

    3) Filling the IOLite. Again - I took a roadtrip with this baby and I tell you what a convenience I was the envy of all. An from the non-indulgers nothing could be smelled guranteed they stated...anyway have you noticed freezing and dribbling when filling with butane? I use premium filtered butane.

    Never had a butane device so perhaps I am doing something bozone.

  6. fuckin love my iolite. did two bowls and i was high as fucking shit last night. i was just extremely happy and talkative. fuckin love the shit outta this thang. real nice review. I got mine used on ebay for 112 bucks shipped. Cannot beat that.

    normlnan, you can tell a bowl is cached when the taste changes. It has a strong, not good taste when compared to the weed.

    also, mine does take a few times every now and then. It could be because you filled it too much and didn't wait 5 minutes or whatever, or that the Iolite is running low on butane. I get the freezing/ dribbling too. It's not a big deal I think.

  7. Hey fiasco, just wondering on the smell of the vapors the iolte produces? could it be covered up easily by blowing the vapor into an article of clothing? thanks!!

  8. theres pretty much no smell.
  9. oh yeah without a doubt.

    i get 5 or 6 bowls at least before refilling.
  10. The Iolite uses a piezoelectric ignition, just like an electric lighter would. It will sometimes take 2-3 clicks for me to get mine to start. I find that if I turn it on, wait maybe 10 seconds, then give it a solid click, it usually starts on the first time.

    The freezing and dribbling isn't a problem. It happens to me when I'm filling my Iolite or anything else I refill with butane (lighters, also). The spilling butane won't harm you in any way, and won't stick around long enough to do any damage to anything else, either. I wouldn't worry about it.

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