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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by SoBeastly, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. So...I have this black iolite that i never use and i cant find a place to sell it...I paid 250 for it and cant even get $100 for it. Anyone ever had one? Theyre pretty cool...leaving no smell or smoke. Very easy to smoke in movies, at work...pretty much anywhere.

    Let me know if anyone knows where i can sell this...I stick with blunts nowadays :smoke:
  2. Craigslist, i have sold all kinds of shit on there.
  3. I put it on craigslist...everyone smokes blunts around here. But I got it so i could smoke at work in the bathroom :).
  4. do you not like it?
  5. I'll give you $100 for it!
  6. I like it...I can taste the herb really well, doesnt leave me with cotton mouth or a headache...but i use to have to hide that i idc. It was easy to smoke in my parents house without them knowing.
  7. I was curious as to why you couldn't get much money for iolite as I would love to have one. They are expensive and I would assume you would get at least $150 or so on it. Then I saw that there are a ton of brand new in box 2010 iolites on iOffer for $160. Might just have to pick one up.

    I'm wondering why they are so cheap on there and so expensive everywhere else.
  8. Ya, im not sure how they got so cheap, cause i paid $250 for mine 4 months ago from my local headshop. I think they were over pricing them...? But they are good to have, just not a daily smoking tool

    For me at least
  9. thats cause people only buy mflb!
  10. You can also buy a new one on ebay for 150. Most likely why it's hard to sell .
  11. Now that's what I'm talking about! Mflb is taking over (one city at a time) :hello:
  12. Fill me in on what a "mflb" is, never heard that around here...thinkin mofukinlongbluuunt
  13. Magic Flight Launch Box aka my favorite little box. Best handheld vape eva!
  14. SoBeastly, I'm serious about buying it from you for $100. You in?
  15. i'll sell you mine for $100
  16. after getting tired of the butane from the vapor genie vape and looking fora new portable one.

    iolite was like the vape, or the only other portable vape i heard at the time.

    good thing i waited cause magic flight launc bhox is the shiiiiizzle.

    fuck the iolite not on mflbs level and pffft at the price 250 or 200 or even 150 fk that

  17. A long as its the all black model, it works, and its the newest version, yes. Why you selling it?
  18. Ill sell u mine for 100 its all black, but i dont have pay pal
  19. yup its all of that. I dont really like the high I get from vaping and havent found myself using it very much...

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