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involuntary movement or eye contact when hearing certain things?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by dancinghotdogmeme, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. Has anyone else ever developed this sort of this tick or reaction where - every time I hear certain words, mostly relating to drugs, but also to other words relating to things I am paranoid or worried about, I always seem to involuntary move, blink, or look at the person speaking. It's feels like they are trigger words and I can't seem to shake it. I think it comes from overall paranoia from about a year and a half of smoking very often. It hasn't been a problem until recently, I only stopped smoking yesterday, and it was worse when I was high, but still mildly sticks with me.

    Can anyone explain to me what this is and why it might happen? I believe I can probably get over it, but I think with more info it'll be easier.
  2. The body never lies.
  3. purely psychological. you think it is happening therefore it is, try to gaze at people when you feel that way with confidence and make their eyes move. Maybe Everyone's High as F**k and your the normal one. lol
  4. It sounds like some kind of subconscious tick to me. The involuntary movements could be linked in some way in your memory to drugs and paraphernalia maybe. Sounds like something similar to the Pavlov dog experiments would be my best guess. Hope u find the cure. Maybe u R a mutant who's mutant powers are to find drugs. Maybe you are drugs man ...
    Embrace your gift maybe it's just the beginning of Drugs Man's career...
    People would pay good money for a skill set like drugs Man's skillset. I hope u aren't worried I am assuming you aren't too worried or I wouldn't have made that joke...But it could be true. Imagine drugs man action figures to help the kids find weed and stay away from heroin and flaka...
    If you aren't really drugs man I hope u solve your problem. But drugs man if u R out there...Help tha kids get dank WEED ONLY

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