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invited to senior prom

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Jakes Mo Moneya, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. iight i was talkin to this girl ( and in my town im pretty known throughout as a toker and the person to talk to)
    so this girl invited me to her prom and the hamptons afterwerd

    i bought a QP
    brought an Oz to the hamptons and smoked all of it in about 3 days with mainly me and my other boy. we smoked blunts, J's, Bowls, Bongs, Gravity bongs
    we went all out, my friend brought out his hurricane

    pretty much im done, with out stopping. if you know what i mean

    i dont really get high anymore, but i noticed that my burntness last forever

    what should i do so i dont get sooo fukin burnt. it sucks cause im high for like 10 min and burnt for the rest:confused::confused:
  2. u should buy better pot, quality not quantity man
  3. Tolerance break.
  4. agreed.

    I'm doin this thing now where i smoke for a week and then take a week off.. I'm enjoying my high more now than i have in a long time.
  5. yeah i concur. slow down on the toking, and buy the best dank you can find.
  6. After this last gram of bud I gotta take a break for a week
  7. An ounce over 3 days would fit in with my friends, if it is headies atleast. My two good friends spent 375 on a zip of headies, smoked 19 blunts and blew 275 bucks of coke in six hours along with poppin an 80mg oxy each and vodka. This kid just asks gets a atm card from his parents and takes like 200-300 hundred bucks out atleast weekly. He has his own money aswell.

    Its just insane. Aside from overkill, the amount of money, and things like that, I think its dumb to have more that like 2-3 drinks max with any painkiller, and any drink with a 80mg is bad.

    Im a firm believe in know any drug you put into your body whether its OTC, Rx, illicit, Salvia or whatever. When your mixing so many powerful drugs the outcome can change greatly from person to person, and just because one person does it daily another person could be seriously hurt or even die from same combination.

    Don't get me wrong Im not trying to preach or anything but personally I just value my health enough to be smart about what Im usin
  8. only smoke on weekends.the more down time u have the better the up time will be,if ur high all the time it becomes normal,you cant even feel the high any more
  9. [​IMG]

    problem solved.
  10. I've heard of that but I'm not sure what it does... care to let us in on some knowledge?
  11. dude you went to the fucking hamptons? thats pretty chill.

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