Invincible internet?

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  1. I was thinking since the internet is basically the connection between millions of computers, to destroy it, every computer,chip,disc,hard drive etc. would have to be destroyed first.this task is nearly impossible for humans to accomplish so i guess as long as the earth is spinning there is going to be some trace of data left behind long after people are gone.
  2. Well if humans just vanished say, tomorrow, the elements would take over and all computers etc. etc. would eventually get destroyed. It probably wouldn't even take that long, like a couple hundred years max. The only exception to this would be stuff that is extremely well protected against the elements, but even still they would eventually fail.
  3. You don't have to get all of the end nodes of the Internet to break it, you could focus on key network infrastructure such as underground and underwater fiber optic backbones, ISP NOCs and datacenters, etc.
  4. Or just sever the long cables under the oceans...Pure chaos would ensue.
  5. Maybe up until the 70's or 80's, but now everything is relayed via satellite.
  6. Nah, with the systematic collapse of society would come the end of electricity, no intranets.
  7. its not really based on the computors, more the servers all the coding is saved on. but more to the point, as others have said, the internet will die with us humans
  8. Lol if there are actually a bunch of cables chilling on the bottom of the ocean, thats retarded. I find it difficult to believe honestly....
  9. It's true, one of them comes ashore near my city.

    The internet can be shut down but it would be a pretty big effort.
  10. Me feel good "pwning" "know-it-alls?"

    Eh, not really. Just fixing up any kind of confusion that some may have on how fragile our mass-communication systems are.

    We are only humans...

  11. Ennnnnnnnnnnnnn(buzzer sound), Im sorry sir that is incorrect.
  12. This is true.
    Also I think the internet would be much easier to shut down IF it was all done by satellites. Now we have this huge network of cables everywhere that would have to be taken out. If it was done by satellites, you could just take down the satellites.

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