Investing in gold?

Discussion in 'General' started by exonmoble, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. I'm 19 i've got 7k, that i saved while working full time and living at home for a year. I had 10k but i'm going on a backpacking thrip to thailand fora month so i'll have about 7k when i get back.

    I heard gold is a good investment in the current global economic situation. Anyone know if this is true or not? and people only give advice if you know what your talking about, because yeah i dont want to make an investment based on bad advice.

    TLDR: should i invest in gold?
  2. Invest in something you could flip in a matter of hours.
  3. flip? like runescape style lol?

  4. exactly like runescape style.
  5. yeah, but i wouldnt know when to do it. I kinda just want an easy time investemnt. i.e buy 7k worth of gold and sell it in a year or two for profit?
  6. Silver would be better in your case, you need a lot more money to invest in gold.
  7. sure as hell wish I did this 10 years ago..
  8. ok right, what kind of returns do you think i could get in a year if i bought 7k of silver?

  9. do it now?
  10. It's not so much that gold is increasing in value, but that the US dollar is going to shit so it's better to store your money using alternative methods.

    My dad bought 10 grand of gold in 2002 and it's the best investment he's made so far
  11. i would say now is a GREAT time to invest in gold. now, im no economist, but i am pretty smart, and do have a fundamental knowledge of economics. In the current economic situation. i am seeing signs that the dollar will soon be less respected, and much more inflated, since we moved away from the gold standard, our currency has become what si know as a fiat currency, which only holds the value that people trust it is worth, in other words, it is worth whatever it is agreed it is worth. with the gold standard we had actual wealth backing the currency, now, we have nothing, and we are TRILLIONS of dollars in debt. A basic fact of economics is that when the dollar does bad, gold does good. its like a law of economics. in my opinion, and with the current spending of our country combined with the current instability in the world economy, not to mention our own, will lead to great potential profits from gold investment. i say go for it, i plan on doing the same when i have enough saved up. fuck the stock markets, theyre going to shit.

  12. I dont mean to hijack this thread but how do you flip in runescape lmao? Broke since 05
  13. ok great advice. I'm not from America tho? I'm from New Zealand so i have 7k NZD

    $1 NZD = $0.78 USD
  14. You buy shit on the g.e when it's cheap then sell it at a higher price. ROFL broke since 05?? download a bot and get a 99 skill
  15. [ame=]Cash4Gold Dub - YouTube[/ame]

  16. i realize that you are in new zealand, but the american dollar rules the global economy and when the dollar does bad, gold does well, all over the world. so my advice still applies to you.

  17. your 7 g's in gold in a year you will get like 5 to 55 hundred back you mist the spike its only going down gold is not stable if you bought it the 1980's then sell like every one else did but no hold your cash its worth more right now

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