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  1. Where do thoughts arise from and where is it that they seem to ever so meekly disappear back into? What is the light that shines to give them appearance, and who is the "I" that all thoughts center their core around? "I remember, I saw, I feel, I mean...", who is this I? That is the investigation.
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    My belief tells me DNA. I've read of certain experiments I can try to find that explained that DNA has a way of emitting "mini-laser" type photons that would explain the light. Just type in "DNA +photon" in google to find information on the theory. I think these photons travel to the receptor cites of the nerves/cells of which the DNA is contained and sent to the brain as a receptor reaction sent through the Central Nervous System (of which marijuana/other chemical processes interact (with DNA IMO)) to cause there experience.

    In short, I think DNA is our soul, and is responsible for our physical creation, whether it be our body, brain reactions, thoughts themselves, etc. It contains a wealth of information we are only beginning to touch in biology/science.

    edit: these photons could also give another perspective to the "holographic universe" theory. ;)

    The Universe as A Hologram
  3. the space between....a place not definable by physical it is not a physical place...we cant define it because it has no boundarys.... of coarse some try ...and then only succeed in limiting themselves to their own definitions...... if you convince yourself there is a wall are not so likely to walk thru it.....

    the same light that wakes the flowers each spring;):smoke:

    it is whatever you make of it.....and nothing more
  4. YEM, I have been contemplating this as well as of late.

    Thoughts seemingly arise and fall into and from nothingness. Emptiness is their root. The "I" concept is a thought as well. It falls apart when you look for it. There is no "thinker", the thinker is a thought too. Even the concept "what is the self" is a thought, even the concept "I am" is a thought. What lies beyond all these thoughts? Beyond this thought? That is the question.

    The self is undefinable. It cannot be grasped. A needle cannot poke its own point. One could say the self is everything, one could also say the self is nothing.

    I used to try to look for the self as a seperate entity, but as of late I feel the self can only be experienced as the direct awareness of the forms it perceives. The self and the forms are one in the same and cannot be seperated. So essentially the best word I can define the self as is awareness, but even that is insufficient. The self is empty. It cannot be grasped mentally.

    However, this is an ongoing process for me, my opinion may change in a month or a few weeks... this is just the point that this self enquiry has currently led me to.

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