Investigating high failure rate for sprouting

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  1. Hello,
    I've been growing every summer over the past couple of years, apart from last years heat wave it's been going great. I've been trying to make germination and sprouting easier.

    For germinating I've had the most success with the paper towel method, so I'm sticking to that, my problem is sprouting with the setup I'm trying to use:

    The item is a plastic box with a removable top, it has pump that sprays water onto the tray in the middle of the box, can be set on a timer but I do it manually when needed and two heating submersible sticks that go up to 33C. Anyways I've been using this box for all kinds of fruits and vegetables, tomato, cucumber, melon etc and it's been working great for getting this season started.
    The problem arises when I put the germinated seeds into the box, so soil into the cup, it has gaps along the side of the cup so water drains fast, put the seed in, top up with a little bit of soil and place in the box at a set temperature.

    Now I don't know why but 7/10 of the germinated seeds never come out and I can't figure out why. 5/6 germinated this week, but after 3 days in the cup, only one has actually sprouted.
    Now the temperature is regulated, the humidity is pretty high because there is water in the bottom of the box, and the lid has holes for oxygen.

    When using the same soil in a medium pot, at a room temperature, moving it outside every day and watering it 10/10 plants sprout. At this point I'm thinking it has something to do with the prolonged humidity in the box, since it can't dry that fast.
    I had 3 seeds left from last years batch, and 3 new ones. The one that came out is one of the old ones.

    Picrel the 5 cups in the top row on the right are my current batch I'm testing with the box. The rest of the vegetals are in the pots outside already, I just can't get these to reliably come out.
    Any tips?
  2. Probably too wet and they're damping off?
  3. Seems like too much humidity in the soil

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  4. Please tell us the nature of this "soil" you are using.

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