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  1. Hi,

    I'm totally new at growing and am currently building a grow box with two runbermaid totes. It will be about 9 cubic feet and I plan on growing 2 plants. I was thinking of using 8 cfl bulbs (100w equivalent each.. So I think 26w actual each? 1600 lumens each). I also have a string of cool white led Christmas icicle lights I thought might be good for side lighting.

    First of all.. Does this lighting arrangement seem ok? Too much? Too little? (i can't fit more...)

    I also have a fan that I was planning to use as an exhaust but now I'm worried it isn't strong enough and I'm not sure I can return it. The fan strength is 26 cfm. Is that sufficient for a small grow box like mine? If not.. I was planning on doing a passive intake but if that fan isn't sufficient for an exhaust can I use it as an intake and maybe also have an additional passive intake (since the exhaust fan in that case would be more powerful). What are your thoughts? The area it will be is in a kind of cold basement.

    Also, I have already decided that cfls and totes are what I want to use l, so I'm not interested in debating that!
    I have some pictures of what I have started so far but can't upload them right now.

  2. Pictures of one of the tote with mylar lining, the two totes stacked, and 4 of the 8 lights

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  3. My best suggestion is one plant and use a scrog net. Buy a better fan one intake one outake.. I understand you gotta use what you got and I'm all about being resourceful. I started off with CFL grow and it didn't work as well as I thought. I went led no problems now.

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  4. You can even veg and flower with warm and cool white spec. It only depends on how long the light is on.

    Plus use smartpots bro, i got fungus nats from overwatering. Idk how but plastic pots suck ass since it's going to be in a small area with little airflow highly suggest smart pots you will thank me later. The more oxygen to the roots more growth more budz.

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  5. Look at this web stie for basic knowledge everything to get speed up. Www.

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  6. I was planning on doing LST with the plants and was hoping to get two plants in there but if you think my yield would be bigger with just one I will consider it. Also.. Are those smart pots basically just fabric pots? Trying to keep the costs down at least for this first grow.

    I've been researching quite a bit.. Maybe too much because I'm getting overwhelmed by so much conflicting info. I got the 27cfm fan because I read that your fan should be 2 to 3 times the cubic feet of your box. Since mine is 9 cubic feet I figured 18 to 27 cfm would be fine. I ordered the fan then started reading that I should have much higher cfm than that.

    So can I use the weak fan for the intake and get a stronger fan for the exhaust or should the fans be the same power? Do I really need an intake fan for such a small grow?

    Thanks guys. I know the information is all out there, it's just nice to hear opinions specific to my future grow.
    In case you're interested, I'll be growing White Widow from female seeds. I know it's not necessarily a strain recommended for small spaces but I will make it work with LSD (at least I hope) if I get one ounce out of my first grow I'll be really happy.

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  7. Sorry for the double post, this is the fan I bought originally. I'm still finding information online saying it is good enough. So confused! Haha

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    Growing in plastic isn't the best idea since it can melt and catch on fire. That said, most folks use all of their fans for exhaust up top aand cut a small intake hole at the bottom for passive intake. The 27cfm fan that you bought will probably not be enough. CFLs don't produce as much heat as HIDs but they still produce quite a bit. I use the same fan it's the ac infinity 92mm 47cfm Fan right? I have 5 of them in my cabinet and it works pretty well. I had some higher cfm fans but they were way too loud. Need more of these but they're nice and quiet.

    I don't know what you've heard about white widow but it's a good choice for a beginner because it's a pretty forgiving strain. It also grows like an indica, pretty compact as long as they have enough light. So good choice. Whether to grow two small plants or one medium is your choice but I agree with you about not putting all your eggs in one basket for your first time. I'd go with growing 2 small plants. Especially with LST it may not be so bad but start your flower pretty early because they can stretch to double to triple the size during flower. Good luck!

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