Inventions you've came up with stoned

Discussion in 'General' started by dub92, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Me and my friend came up with liquid bread and anything else you want in a sandwich is liquid and its all layered in a glass. we were baked :smoke:

    what have you guys thought would be a good invention stoned? :smoking:
  2. A robot that gives blowjobs. Saliva not included
  3. A phone that can send you smells so you can get high o_O
  4. Flameless lighter. Basically just a battery powered hot coil.
  5. I'd prefer a torch heated glass wand especially when bonging
  6. a robot that rolls spliffs and packs bowls
  7. virtual create-a-hoe
  8. kool aid flavored blunt wrap.

    or bbq flavored...possibilities are endless.
  9. One time when a friend and I were laying on my couch, baked out of our skulls, he started freaking out. He kept shouting "YES! I'VE GOT IT! YES!" and when I finally calmed him down, he started telling me about the greatest idea he'd ever had. Most of what he was saying weren't actual words (he was a little drunk, too), so I just told him to shut up and show me his idea. He proceeded to roll a joint.

  10. liquid bread is pretty much beer.

  11. except bread tastes over 9000 times better haha

  12. hmmmm.... i beg to differ :p

  13. what beer makes you think different?

    i hear beer "enthusiasts" go on about pisswater cheap beer. wat beer tastes good?

    is there such thing as sweet beer?

    only alcohol i like (tastewise) are like smirnoff and fruity shit like mad dog

    idc about being called a pussy for it.

    good tasting alcohol > drink more> get more drunk. and not nasty

  14. there are SO many tasty beers, i could literally make a list of at least 100. to each their own ;)

    the only liquor i truly like for its taste is bourbon or scotch.

  15. hmmmm u ever been to a place called the saucer?

    its like this bar place and they have like a million types of beer
  16. Alcohol in a pill

  17. there's an unmentionable for that
  18. I have a GREAT idea for an invention, but I wouldn't share it with you swindlers ;)

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