Discussion in 'General' started by FreezeDry, Oct 14, 2003.

  1. hi im new to the forums. im comeing up with a new stealth pipe. and i was wondering who are the right ppl to talk to about these types of inventions,
  2. i thought you were comming up with it.. but we can help, just tell us kinda what your trying to do and we can all work you through it
  3. i wonna sell it,once its complete so i dont want anyone stealing my idea hehehe
  4. ok thanks.. have you guys seen the stealth pipes... they are kinda dumb. and just for laughes. but mine will be hidden inside a item that you use every day. i think its genius, ill post it as soon as i get more info on patent and what not..
  5. BTW does anyone know what you can smoke from and still make it odor free... metal, glass,coper....??? i wonna make it so you dont need to clean it often..
  6. odor free? no such thing when dealing with pot
  7. Hmm. Well if you have a filter of some sort. Or unless you had a pocket Vaporizer... I'll be here to help!
  8. what i mean by odor free is, after your done smokeing and theres no more pot left in the pipe, you can keep the pipe out in front of others and not smell weed.. i think The Piece Pipe says its ordorless. check it out on the main page.
  9. wow... the last post got me thinking.. just make a lighter thats like skinny.. or buy one then attach a one hitter to it and put the shell of a regular lighter on it and have a slide or something on each side of the one hitter then just pack the bowl.. tip it pointing out so when you inhale the flame comes towards you and catches the pot and lights it... it would look like you put a lighter up to your mouth then just lit it.. umm.. then blew out some smoke!
  10. i dont know if you could get a patent on that, operation pipedreams (operation asscream if you ask me) made concealed pipes illegal..... good luck though

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