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  1. I was talking to my friend the other day when I was high and I thought of an idea for an invention. It's a device that you attach to your penis and it silently masturbates yourself for you through massaging and what not. And then when you're done it stores your cum inside a detachable container for easy and quick clean-up.

    I feel like it'd be good if you're on an airplane you can like put a blanket over yourself and just press a button and have a good period of pleasure without having to worry about anybody finding out. Or ever get horny on a long drive in a car but you don't have time to stop to rub one out? Well no problem anymore.

    What do you think? If anybody wants to use my idea I'm not asking for much compensation because having this device itself would be enough of a reward....

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    Dafuq did I just read?

    What do you do with the jar of sperm???
  3. Hahahahaha, oh OP, you are somethin else. I bet millions of people would buy one.
  4. That so freaking funny, you can buy a non motorized one right now. Called fleshlight.
  5. Fleshlight.
  6. I was thinking that sounds a little dangerous.
  7. This already exists and its known as the "fleshlight killer". Expensive as fuck though
  8. Sounds interesting.

    But what if it malfunctions? What kind of damage will it do to the penis?
  9. Dude that's fucking perfect
  10. emasculation... :eek:
  11. I see a kickstarter project comingup soon ;-)

    LOL, this new forum was my best High Idea yet LOL

  12. I had the same idea one day in middle school...
  13. Haha what about when tsa ask wtF is going on here
  14. Hahahahaha I've thought about this except for the cum collector. That's a bomb idea. You could just collect and stockpile the shit out of it and put it up on craigslist for some money.
  15. id never take it off
  16. *Robot voice*

    "Malfunction! Malfunction! Using teeth! Do you want finger in butt?

    'please no, I beg you...'

    Five fingers selected, now penetrating.

  17. Holly fuck this thread just made me piss myself! Their is some funny shit up in here.
  18. [quote name='"Sickleg"']*Robot voice*

    "Malfunction! Malfunction! Using teeth! Do you want finger in butt?

    'please no, I beg you...'

    Five fingers selected, now penetrating.


    Lmao! This is why we can't trust machines with that kind of...sensitive stuff.
  19. Wow, this thread just took me back to 7th grade. I just had a literal flashback, and it was hilarious.

    In 7th grade, my buddy John came up with the same idea. Pants that jack you off and you skeet into a container. LMFAO. John went to college and became a small time porn star and owns a sex shop. Either you have a future in the sex industry, or you're a weird mutha f****.

  20. haha I'm glad you guys liked the idea :smoking:

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