INVENTING EXPERTS, America unfolds with lies (circa 1974)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by sensimil, Jul 13, 2004.

  1. It infuriates me. How can our own government lie to us? What is it that makes them able to withhold the truth, producing reports full of LIES??
    I was reading (ch.15) of jack herer's the emperor..and it got to me deep down. Its on of the reasons why I want to become more involved with what is going on with this drug war, and what I need to know, and what we need to convey, The TRUTH.
    If you havent read it, or know...
    In 1974 Reagan (gov of CA at the time) the "Great Communicator" proclaimed "The most reliable scientific sources says permanent brain damage is one of the inevitable results of the use of marijuana."
    A study was performed, using monkeys that were forced to inhale 63 Columbian-strength joints thru a gas mask in five minutes! The findings of the study lead to the "govenrment sponsered propaganda literature against pot."
    Anyone, or thing subjected to that would see that under those conditions suffocation can occur! "Three to five minutes of oxygen deprivation causes brain damage--dead brain cells!" What they intended to find, they surely did, the monkeys brains were swamped with dead brain cells. The Dr (Heath) that lead the experiements OMITTED the TRUTH. Its a FACT, "Carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that kills brain cells and is given off by any burning object. All researchers found the marijuana findings in Heath's experiment to be of no value, because carbon monoxide poisoning and other factors involved were totally left out of the report."

    But! The findings were still published, without that very bit of significant truth!

    The study that has inspired DARE, PDFA (partnership for a drug free america) and other ant-drug programs, was ACTUALLY just a "study in animal asphyxiation and carbon monoide poisioning."

    Its HISTORY, I know. The truth is starting to spout like a little seedling :) If you read this, good for you. If you read this and are pissed, welcome to the club.
  2. words honestly can't describe what I feel right now. It's not anger...or's more along the lines of psychopathic rage. Wait, too harsh, somewhere between annoyed and rage. I can't stand lies, especially lies that end up hurting millions of people by getting them locked up.
  3. I know. The more you learn, the angrier you should get.

    The truth is, the only reason pot is still illegal today is that everyone is reciting propoganda with the idea that it's probably exaggerated, but nobody has any idea what the TRUTH is. If people had pure, unadultrated information about marijuana, other drugs, and the way the Drug War is being conducted, nobody would continue to support it.

    The reason people are willing to believe the propoganda (or at least believe it's somewhat true) is the same reason anybody believes propoganda: FEAR. There are a lot of people terrified about our harmless little plant, and they're fucking everything up for everyone else. It's a vocal minority.

    If even half of the nation's pot smokers got together and started fighting actively, we would be one of the largest special-interest groups in the fucking COUNTRY.

    Our real enemies are apathy of pot smokers, fear of anti-pot smokers, and ignorance.

    It's good to be pissed off, especially about a good cause.
  4. ...

    and yes, of course, those other reasons as well :)
  5. Why is NORML as ineffective as they are? Is it only because pot smokers are apathetic? Is it because we don't believe that it's possible to change the law? How can we motivate others to get involved?

    We've got to brainstorm, because an unjust law continues to lead to the prosecution of thousands of people like you and I every year.
  6. make stickers with the truth on, and put them in public places.

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