Discussion in 'General' started by punkyworld, Apr 14, 2003.

  1. I heard that in 2 years asia and mexico are gonna invade the US.. I heard that asian military are in mexico planning an attack.. anyone else hear that? I was stoned at the time.. I think I was at a friends.
  2. dude, thats kinda scary! aaaahhhhhhh!!!!!
  3. I'm not sure.. all I heard was army from asia..
  4. ummmm north korea?
  5. im sure this message will get to the cia soon enough, one leak and the raging rumors about asia and mexico taking over the states sure someone is on this already. we should be just fine.
  6. HEHEHEHEH yeah and they also say that there's thousands of Russian soldiers hiding in the desert ready to invade USA any time the commie bastards want to.... and there's hidden cameras everywhere and they're listening everything

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