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  1. Hello fellow tokers
    I quick introduction... Im a 32 year old male from the UK whos looking to gain more power with our beloved plant & if knowlege is power than I wish to be powerfull lol

    Im new to thiese forums, been lurking awhile and decided to join in the fun.
    I would say I am more of a smoker than grower but I hope to change all that and start growing some good green goodness for myself and for an extra income.

    I will soon be pestering you all for some help and advice on growing some Auto strains Ive heard such mixed things about and hope to keep yall entertained.

    Many thanks for having me and Im glad to be here =)
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  2. Hello mate and welcome.

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  3. Hey bro I'm from the uk living in oz if you learn with autos you will be a master, they only grow for a few weeks so the window is very small to get it right before they start flowering

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