Introvert ftw!

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  1. Sitting in class right now, none of my buddys are in it, anyways there's like 25 kids all around me just talking and I'm sitting in the middle on I'm iPhone listining to music and chillin on the fourms.. But it doesn't bother me at all lol. I love just keeping to myself n shit, rather then trying to fit in with people I dont relate to at all

    idk I'm just bored lol :p
  2. Introverts have friends now? SOMEONE ALERT BEETHOVEN.
  3. That's the way man, why have fake friendships?
  4. exactly, if i dont have any desire to talk to someone im not going to, often times these people think im "quiet" because of this, and always ask me why i dont talk much, but if im around someone i like i will be extremely outgoing and talkative, i guess some people just cant grasp the concept that someone thinks they are a douchebag and thus wont talk to them.

    like this annoying ass sorority girl in one of my classes i sat next to, is always like "youre so quiet, why dont you talk???" and i always just look at her and want to bitch slap her, but instead i just say "because i really just dont want to, sorry if that bothers you",which she thinks is strange

    and then she just stares at me expecting me to say something, and i stare at her, then i start making a crazy face, and i always win because she looks away first every time. its fun to wierd that girl out. but she pretty much proves my point.
  5. I refrain from mundane conversations as well. I swear I'm not pissed at you because I don't wish to engage in talking.
  6. ur in class? shouldnt u be learning something?
  7. Gah I always get the "why are you so quiet?..why don't you talk? Say something!" Comments..mothefucker I don't wanna talk to you!

  8. Should be but I'm not :) gc sounds better
  9. god complete extroverts sometimes annoy me like the ones who are too vocal and whose thoughts are said without thought...or any real deep thinking process. Sorry if I sound dumb I rolled yesterday
  10. Loose the mac products and you'r aight.
  11. This is what my spanish class is. Everyone has like 3 people they like in my class, but i just hate most of the people in there. (I have reasons its not just for some stupid reason like i dont like their voice lol.) If i could fuck up any kid in that class i couldnt choose.

    But back to the point, i was in that class one day and some kids noticed my red eyes (I smoke at lunch and this class is right after lunch lol. I had smoked a dub of jack herror and .3 of some DANK hash i made with 1 buddy from a bowl.) Then i hear them all talking about how high i get, (I hear them saying i do coke and shit but i laugh that off, lol) and the reason i dont talk is because im so fucked up all day.

    Little do they ALL know they are almost ALL arrogant, unintelligent, selfish, pricks, who think of nobody but themselves and what can get them a cooler level on the social latter.

    And i think its funny. lol. And they all just sit there and complain how the teacher sucks, while i sit there and learn soooo much shit. i can write a 100 word essay in 7 minutes now while they take CLASSES AND CLASSES.
  12. i find most people need to fill the void that silence comes across as. we were given the gift of speech to share ideas and communicate.

    not fill the silence with sound....
  13. Lose the second 'o' and you'll be aight. ;)

    Lerne sumpthin inn klas.
  14. OP exemplifies what is wrong with today's generation. Get off of your fucking technology and stop wasting your parent's tax dollars. Or make some friends.

  15. sums my school up in a nut shell. I try to talk to as little people as possible but i normally get stuck with gay as people in my classes so i have to make due but i try to listen to my ipod as much as possible

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